What Are Long Tail Keywords for Instagram?

A couple of days ago, I had an interview for a marketing consulting firm, and if it was paying I would have taken it in a heartbeat, at the moment I am still considering it, because london, unpaid for three months is not exactly the way I want to go, and then there is a matter of the law, and the fact this would be a grey area. Moving on, they were actually telling me what they do, and how important keywords are. For example say you are writing an article about WordPress, you should try and include the wordpress around half a dozen times, at least.  The issue with the word ‘worpress’ though is the fact it is known as a short tailored keyword, which means that the keyword is highly searched and that many people will be doing a similar things, this sort of marketing has actually corrupted certain words when it comes to googling them, and thus is brings up loads of articles about things which are not really relevant.

I am going to talk about long tail keywords, which are normally three of four words in a row over and over throughout an article, as you can tell that is not something I have yet to do in this article, but I am going to try it when talking about talking about ‘long tail keywords for instagram’ it’s not a particularly high searched thing but in the long term it might bring more traffic to this site. So what am I going to do when talking about long tail keywords for instagram, well those words are exactly what I am trying to describe, it’s using phases over and over again, I guess it’s sort of propaganda in order to get people who are searching  those things to find your site easier, because after all 75% of people don’t get past the first page on google, I mean if you want information it is normally going to be on the first page.

I haven’t used it enough yet so it shouldn’t be tricking the google yet, and let’s be honestly google is a bitch. For example if you type in the words Rosalyn Burgess in to google, granted it is not the most common name in the word I am normally the first thing you find. I deleted my old instagram, but to be fair ‘Rosalyn J Burgess’ would have been long tail keywords for instagram because I use to type that over everything, my facebook, my twitter, my tumblr, and all the other things. However in terms of images it is just Rosalyn Burgess, for me anyway I type that in and I appear fourteen types in the first three lines, most of those images I have actually deleted from my accounts, which showcases that a deleted photo is nor truly gone, also from the first three lines another four pictures I have posts either on my instagram, my old one or they have appeared on this blog. Showcases that if you keep typing the long tail keywords they will make you have some sort of impact, and you will be able to get on to that first page, which let’s be honest is what everyone wants to achieve. Now honestly I should have kept with using Rosie, because their is currently an artist of the same name, and I could have hijacked some of the searches, although they would have been small group of people it could have made me gain a little more attention, and that’s what I am experimented with this whole long tail keywords for instagram thing.

Now this is entitled long tail keywords for instagram and I haven’t actually talked about what hashtags I would use on instagram, over and over again, to get a little more of a boost. The thing is when you are in english you are told not to use the same words, or the same word combination but with this type of marketing it is actually the point of it. So what are the long tail keywords for instagram that I would be using. it depends on the subject, they should always be relevant, I just deleted my Instagram, just a few days ago and now have set up a music, blogging, travel one, currently it has a couple of photos of people I have seen live, and then a trip to barcelona I took. I have no idea if this will work, and I know you need to have each long tail keywords five times, but this is what I would use when talking about travel.

Naturally their are popular ones such as ‘photooftheday’ and ‘picoftheday’  or ‘mytravelsineurope’ and other ones like that. They are not as used as things such as Travel, Guide, Holiday, Sun and so one but they still get a lot of traffic and can be very difficult to actually get any real attention from, you will just gt a bunch of people spamming you. I do recommend using location, I live in a little tiny village and was on the most popular photos for around six months, I probably got maybe five liks form my area, but five extra likes is better than nothing. So what would I use if I was doing a travel post. Now I am have just uploaded a few barcelona pics, I actually took the hashtags away because it looks a little messy, I have a few comments on them, so won’t bother adding in the tags in the comment section, moving on.

The tags which I did use where the simple ones like, travel, barcelona, sun, holiday, and so on., but I also used stuff like #travellingthroughspain #travellingthroughbarelona #travelingthrougheurope, I also used #inspirationtravelpictures and other variations of that, as well as #exploretocreate and a few others however I set up my instagram account just a couple of days ago and one of my barcelona photos managed to get over 75 likes. Now as well as using long tail keywords for instagram I did like a hell of a lot of photos but I feel the combination of the two has actually made my instagram account gain some momentum, even in it’s short life. I always feel that liking and commenting is a lot of effort but it does get you a little following growin on the side, and even though you probably end up liking like 1000 pictures, and only twenty people will actually pay attention to you, it becomes easier as time goes by and before long the momentum takes a hold for itself.