Fuck You Fake News!

I watched Trump’s spontaneous speech yesterday, I actually read it out to two of my housemates, both of them are a lot more left than I but once I read it out they said the words, I do believe he is trying to cover things up but if he does everything he says then at least he is trying to do a lot of good.

A lot of that speech was about fake news, now I have probably talked about this before because it is something I am passionate about because I do believe the media shouldn’t lie, but often it is the lies that make the money. When I read an article I check to see if there are sources, if the words ‘some sources’ are used then i looked for a different article because you need to actually know who says what when it comes to articles. For example I could say, sources tell us that Donald Trump has a green penis, that doesn’t mean it is true. I remember when i did history I would always have the words, “Which sources?” In the margins whenever I used the words “some sources tell us”, you need to actully use infomation that is creditable.

If it isn’t bogus facts, which are fucking up the public perception it is also the fact that they media are telling half truth, the immingration control for one thing.  According to the New York Times, around seven hundred people were held by immigration officers over the first fourty eight hours of this immigration control. I have not checked this number but it does seem to have caused the most outrange so I thought I would use it. Now that number is not huge in compassion to the year 2013, it is actually not that bad. On average 1200 people per day were held in dententions in the US, that is nearly double the amount of which happened when this order was implemented. Having gone to a boarding school I know plenty of people who would be questioned when coming back into the country. It may not be fair but they just want to double check those who fit the apperence on those who do wish to harm the population. By all means say that seven hundred people have been unfairly questioned but then also compare it to other infomation, because let me be honest the general population are thick.

I have an IQ of 124, which puts me in the top 91% of the population, I am smarter than the average person but that doesn’t mean that the average person needs to believe everything that is put in front of them. I like to check a lot of the facts that I use because I don’t want to become someone who uses there platform to in theory brainwash people in order to believe what they believe. We have got to be the moment in the time where all our media seems to be very  left wing, I don’t actually trust most of the right winged media so I am left somewhere in the middle not wanting to believe bias news and not wanting to believe manipulated news. What can I do? Not a lot.

I don’t have the power to preach to the masses, I may have a few hundred followers on here and on my twitter account and few thousand on my Instagram but they are following me because of my boobs not my blog. I want to make a difference but the only way I can get notice will cause a thousand different people to sent me death threats. I already get enough.

Saying the words I am a white conservative is like wanting people to suddenly hate you. I live in a world where I am allowed to express my opinions and I know not everything I will say people with agree with, I don’t even agree with my parents when it comes to politics. I was against Brexit and I supported Gary Johnson but I have very little issue when it comes to trump. I am not make sense all the time but I am a twenty one year old girl, I don’t even know who I am how can I know how i feel. If i see someone bashing Trump I try and get them to see the good, if I see people bashing Hillary I try and let them see the good she has done. Everyone has a good and a bad side to them and sometimes one is shown more than the other when it comes to the media.

I am a stronger believer than you need to give people a chance to show their true colours. I am the person who thinks the death pentaly should be scrapped. I think prison should be focused on educating people. I think that people who have an attraction to children but do not act on it should be helped and given dolls in hope of helping them with their condition. I believe that people don’t need to say they are transgender and try and change everything about them, I believe they should just wear and act how they want without saying “I am a male born in a female body” I believe that people choose to be offended. Regarding the whole Karrie Kloss thing and her dressing up as someone from Japan, unless you are from that country or have relatives from that country you cannot say you think what she has done is offensive to people of Japan. I have read the comments of a lot of those articles and most of them don’t even care, those who are actually from tha country. A few number of people (Most of which no nothing about Japan or it’s culture) made comments on twitter and studdenly the media starts saying that it is inappropriate.

In that theory white chicks is inappropriate, how dare two black guys dress up and two white blonde girls, that offended me SO much. Just to let know know I don’t care because it is a funny movie. Karlie did a good job showcasing another cultura and she should be praised for letting the fashion industry see that rather than getting bashed by the media due to a few people on twitter saying it is inappropriate, who aren’t even from that country.

My rant now is over, as I can’t be bothered to type anymore, just make sure you check those sources.

All Thing February

So I am writing this about half way through the month. Though I use to do this on my last blog so I thought I would keep the thing up, I may go back and add January on because frankly I like writing theses sorts of things.

So what is this month about, love (Ew Yuck) and then of course we have pancake day at the end of it, so frankly that is a bonus. The net thing no one will care about but it is my brothers birthday so that is something I need to talk about. Chinese New Year is also happening this month, as well as it being Black History month, Ash Wednesday Day, Groundhog Day, President’s Day and Mardi Gras all happen this month. So let me talk about a few of them.

Starting with Chinese New Year, although it falls at the end of January from my expirence it is normally celebrated for around five years, I might be wrong on that because I am using a memory which is around four years old to quested that. Speaking of Chinese New Year, I was born in the year of the Pig, this year is the year of the rooster, for those who don’t know how the animals work they happen every 12 years, so if you are turning a multiple of twelve this year then congraulations you were born in the year of the rooster. Things such as the Dragon Dance or Lion Dance, as well as the exchange of the Red Envelopes, normally filled with money are just some of the things that happen over the week.

Net we have the National Freedom day, which happens on the first of the month, not being American myself I don’t know much about this holiday or day or whatever it is. I do now that it was Preisdent Harry Truman who made this an official observance.

Next on our list is Groundhog day, whic falls on the second. Anyone who has watched the film Groundhog Day I have a pretty good understanding on what this day is about, if you havent you should go watch the film it is pretty damn good  Though like most things is is mainly celbebrated in the United States I am only aware of it due to the film. It magically means that if it rains on this day we will have six more weeks of rain and if it is sunny then we will have six more weeks of sun.

Next on my list is Valentine’s Day, a day which is completly and uttly pointless. Due to the fact that I am writing this after that day I have actually written a blog post about the day if you wish to read it. I think the day is pointless because if you love someone you should be showing it everyday not just for one day a year.

President Day, or Washington Da in one states  wihich os basically celbrating Washington’s Birthday, and it honours all the presidents of United States of America, it happens on the third Monday of the February and although I have little knowledge on it I do like knowing about theses sorts of dates.

Media Gras, or in my country Pankcake day or sometimes call troves Tuesday. It happens the day before Ash Wednesday, so this year it is happening on the 28th. Originally this was a day when you could get everything sweet and put it in a pot or in a pancake and eat them in order to prepare yourself for the following day. In America they do it a little bit bigger often having parties and dressing up which makes the whole day in the UK seem a little boring.

Ash Wednesday is the following day, starting on the 29th this year it is the day in which lent begins which is fourth days of fasting, which leads right up to Easter. Christian’s often fast on this day and go to church but a lot of people don’t really follow this day at all.