Written Between the Lines

I once wrote a song that was named with this title, I have it somewhere floating around but I wouldn’t be able to tell you where at this moment in time. The song was about fiction and about how people seem to blur the lines of a character from a story and how people should be in real life and so I thought it would be a great title as I  go into writing about the story that mean a lot to me.

When I was nearly two years old a story came out which would shape my personality into what it is today and even writing about how much it means to me makes me tear up. There are very few things which have touched me like this story has, a story which follows a boy through seven years of his life as he battles both the good and the evil which surrounds him. it is a story which is known as Harry Potter. I can tell you a funny story, a guy near where I live turn down publishing that story, my mum and grandmother often like to break it up when ever we have a conversation about this story. I bet he really is hitting himself. This story isn’t the greatest piece of fiction in the world, Shakespeare will always win with that in my personally opinion.


When I was seven I went to watch the second Harry Potter film, this is my first memory of Harry Potter but I believe I had listened to the first four audio books before hand because I had them before this film came out, I just don’t know remember. First memory was me walking in to the cinema late and seeing Dobby bounce up and down on the bed and that was it.

One day I want to be that person who manages to turn a book into a completely different world. If Harry Potter is ever done again I want every part of the book to be filmed but maybe just have it as the extended version, you could still make a load of money by re-releasing it. I want to be able to change the lives of millions of people through telling a story on screen the way Harry Potter did that to me. It made me fall in love with film and I can never thank JK Rowling and David Heyman enough for turning the words on a page in to this beautiful world which I wish I could live in.