Ready Player One Review

Now this film wasn’t on my radar until my brother mentioned it to me a couple of weeks ago, in fact I was going to spend my Good Friday in the cinema with my mother watching the much loved Peter Rabbit, but ultimately this film seemed more popular amongst my parents, and brother thus we traveled to see it, unfortunately the friday turned to monday, due my brother being rather hungover, and him unable to stay in the car for more than ten minutes.

So with the take two chance, I wasn’t excited to go see the film, because well I wanted to go on Friday, and should have gone with my mother to watch Peter Rabbit, in hindsight. It’s strange because this film is more like my sort of movie than that of my family, though my brother would disagree due to the video game aspect. I spend much of my freetime reading, writing and watching about dystopian fiction, so this is something that maybe I would have loved more on the journey leading up to it, if I had been following the film, but like i said I didn’t, it was my brother who had been pushing for it.

Now I am a big fan on Steven Spielberg, I’m a girl who studied media and therefore he seemed as some sort of god to us that study such things. I had only watched the trailer once, something which I try and do with film I’m watching in cinema, because often they have so many versions, and give the impression of having watched the film before you have actually seen it.

Moving on, this film is filled with a huge range of pop culture, which is something which is very marmite, but in this type of film, those little pulp culture references are crucial to the heart of the movie, from Peter Parker and Batman, to the Breakfast Club to The Shinning to Duran Duran. The hero of the film, in my personal opinion had the same charm of Peter Parker, who is one of my favourite ulta egos amongst the superheroes of marvel and DC, but not the Andrew Garfield version, he is far too cool to be better Peter Parker.

For those who are unaware of the premist it is set a little bit in the future where people send more time living in virtual reality with their 3D head sets, and full body suits, making you feel everything your avatar is feeling in their little computer generated world. The world, like most of theses stories is on the verge of collapse.

Now, the whole VR taking over the whole world is a common conversation amongst certain groups of people, I’ve found myself having conversations while drunk about such things. However, with films (Well in this case a book, because it is based on a book, while I will be sure to read as soon as possible.) there is always a twist. You see the creator of this VR world died five years before this is set, but he left a message saying the first person to get the three keys, and thus find the easter egg, those who know their video games will be able to work out the last key whereabouts without watching any of the film.  The one who gets the easter egg gets to control this VR world, which is pretty much dominating the current world. Like any film there is of course and organisation they are battling to win this competition and want to make this place and the world their own personal kingdom.

The use of technology, the idea of VR, a great cast and a story which is both engaging and, for those who have logic and pop culture knowledge, you can find yourself figuring out the clues before the beloved characters. Unlike, other dystopian books, and/ or films this is not as far fetch as them, due to the rate that technology is drastically advancing.

Would I say this is my favourite film? No, but in this particular genre it is miles and miles ahead of those beside it. I would still give this a solid 4.5/5 because it is witty, clever and charming in every way, and who doesn’t love a good battle of good vs evil.


Keep Affordable Housing Affordable.

Happy Bank holiday Monday, Party Time.

Affordable Housing is only affordable for first time buyers. At the age of 22 I would love to be able to move out and buy a house, unfortunately working six days a week and saving every penny I can, it is still going to take a few years before I have enough for a deposit and I’m financially stable enough to at least pay for a flat. I’ve been considering on sending a letter to my local MP but I just haven’t had much time to put my thoughts down in words, so I thought I would put some of them down on here.

The average housing price where I live is £350,000, and the affordable housing in the area will probably be selling, first time around for under £100,000, when its eventually built.

The house I live in, my parents brought for £193,000, nearly twenty three years ago, if it was sold now it would go for around 700,000 (The house opposite mine recently sold for around £675,000 but ours is a little more historical and a little bigger. So be more, if I was to have a guess) If my house was to move just one mile down the road the price would almost double, my village doesn’t have any shops, the one next to us has around a dozen, which increases the price of house. My grandmother’s house is a similar price to ours, but has a much smaller garden and although a similar amount of bedrooms (three/four) It only has four other rooms (plus one of the bedrooms has a ensuite) The house she lived in for nearly thirty years now sells for around 1.2 million, the family that lived there had to sell two houses in order to buy it. So what’s the point of me complaining about how I live in a privilege area? Not much to be honest.

So this is me talking about affordable housing, okay so around sixty houses are being built near me, after having a little goggle the number 60,000 has jumped out at me when looking at affordable housing. So theses houses are, at first going to be sold for 60,000, not bad I could probably buy one if I had more than a year to save for one, unfortunately it probably gonna take me around four years to have enough where I would feel comfortable in buying a house and paying a mortgage. Moving on, now the average house price in my area is 350,000, so all a family has to do is live in that house for a little bit, then they can make nearly 300,000 profit, all because at that time they had the money, thus making once affordable houses, no longer affordable.

So what can we do? I personally feel that affordable houses should be first homes, help people get onto the ladder, and not be a way of making a profit. I think affordable houses need to be linked to inflation. Say the house is brought for 60,000 the following year (Using the current inflation rate of 3%) It should only be able to be sold for 61,800, this is thus making the affordable houses stay affordable, and not away to make money grabbing people even richer.

Now the probably with this, is I would have no idea how to monitor such a thing, so on people it seems like such a good idea but in reality people would be trying to find every loop hole they can. I think it needs to be a conversion though.

April, 1st

Today marks the first of april, and this year the first seems to be the most interesting of the month. Today is of course Easter Sunday, the day that, according to some book that Jesus came back to live, having been killed on the previous Friday. Now my dad is born on April first, and I don’t think he is too glad about sharing his birthday with Easter this year, my parents and brother are not really in to religion, i follow these sorts of holidays from a pagan point of view rather than from a protestant point of view, because by being pagan I can still be apart of the christian faith, (Though I never say I’m christian as I believe the mainstream version is corrupted) but at the same time not believe in god, because I follow the spiritual aspects of the religion. I follow the pagan religion because it means i can celebrate all theses holidays without being a hypocrite, no matter what people say Christmas is a christian holiday, easter is a christian holiday, other people who follow other religions can celebrate if they like, but they should not try and change such things, because they makes them god awful people, in my opinion, we don’t try and take your holidays don’t take ours.

Moving on, today also happens to be April Fools days, and I wrote this before any tricks had happened, last couple of years I have been a little disappointed on the tricks the internet have tried to pull, but let’s see how today goes, with easter also insight.

So other things that are to happen in this month, due to being in the UK I am just going to talk about the dates which happen in this country, I might mention a couple from other countries, probably as I may have celebrated them at some point in time.

To start with we have National Beer day on April, 6, now because this falls on a friday and I have work the next day I probably won’t be celebrating this, but frankly it is a great day to have, so as long as you are of legal age and not an alcoholic have fun drinking.

On a slightly different note, this month also has the Hillsborough Disaster Memorial Day, which is mainly happens in Liverpool, but with the victims of the families finally getting justice, I feel like the whole of the United Kingdom, will remember those who were lost in a tragic accident, which could have been easily prevented.

Moving on in this month England also celebrates St George, which also shares the date of Shakespeare’s birth and death day, who too many is one of the best writers to ever have lived. I can’t say I have ever really celebrated either day but I do take a moment to at least acknowledge such people, even if the former has a slightly fictional story.

As well as everything I have mentioned it also happens to be

  • International Guitar Month
  • Stress Awareness Month
  • Sexual Assault Awareness Month

and throughout the month there are so so days to celebrate the following

  1. Jazz
  2. Dance
  3. Veterinarians
  4. International Moment of Laughter
  5. Safety and Health at Work Day
  6. World Penguin
  7. Haiku Poetry
  8. Malaria Awareness Day

and many others, so have a good month and I hope the April showers are not too bad this year.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Review

To be fair I wasn’t going to move this over from my other blog because frankly I wanted to review things which weren’t really well known, but then again I thought it would be a waste not to move i over and frankly as you guys probably have notice I have a huge obsession with Harry Potter so I felt like this needs to be on here wheather it is popular or not.

As you know or you don’t, Harry Potter it was the first book series I wanted to read, you see I suffer from dyslexia and I also have his thing that I should try anything that I know I am going to fail at, enter this thing called reading. When I first got into the Harry Potter series my mum use to read them to me, she did this up to the fifth book. I also had the audio books and I use to follow the words. It takes me about thirty minutes to read the first Harry Potter because of the audio books having in away brainwashed me over the years and I can simply scan the books without really looking and I know the words.

The reason I am saying all this is because my dream is to be a film producer (the ones who cast and get all the funding for the film. My parents are both accountants and they always joke about how even though I am determined not to follow there route I still what a job where I have to deal with budgets) I didn’t watch the first or the seven film in the cinema no idea why I just know I didn’t. Harry Potter made me interested in the making of a film, the behind the scenes aspects. I’ve probably watched the special features as many times as the films them selves so to say the least I was really excited for an eighth Harry Potter book.

The good thing about this, is for people like me who struggle with reading having it in play format is perfect it makes it easier to read each word rather than having a blurry mess of words which the other Harry Potter books have caused. I have studied Drama in the past so I am use to this sort of format, my brother no so much. It annoyed him a little he is far more academic than I am, he actually enjoys reading and although he has done a bit of acting in the past, but he is not use to this format. I do agree this story lacked the detail that it needed, the reason Shakespeare works so well is because it is beautifully written and has plenty of detail. This script lacked it and due to a thin story it doesn’t come across as well. Then again I shouldn’t really compared one of the greatest writers to Harry Potter but then I can be a drama snob. Well I can be a snob full stop.

The next bit contains spoilers. There are parts of this story really well planned out, the friendship between Albus, and Scorpio is probably a better friendship than the original trio. Although I understand Ron and Hermione fighting all the time, that does tend to happen to people who are trying to remain friends but clearly like each other. Most of the time it was over being jealous of someone. That being said Harry and Ron’s friendship annoys me at two points, the first being Ron spends weeks hating Harry for thinking that he put his name in the goblet of fire, yet he believe Harry at once for Voldemort return and he walks away from Harry and Hermione in the last book. He also believes Harry is not the heir of Slytherin. Those three things I think are all related and well Ron does one, then he does the opposite, then he goes back again. If they were really best friends then I doubt it would be so all over the place. It might have been jealously though. See that was the redeeming quality of this book the bad points are long.

The whole concept of the time thing just seemed really pointless and also broke rules which JK Rowling had already set out. The Time Turner doesn’t change time because after all it has already happened. If that makes sense Harry even says that in the third book. So these two boys go back and change the past which has broken one of the main rules that were already set out. It’s really annoyed me and thus made the whole book more like a bad fan fiction. The whole Voldemort having a daughter just seemed cliché as fuck.

There were nice moments sure, but you have that even in the pile of crap of Fifty shades of grey (which let’s be honest is a book about stalking) the plot was weak and almost needed the detail which the books have, maybe just maybe it would have been decent then rather than wtf is happening. Anyway it’s poor in harry potter terms but better than some of the crap theses days so gets a 3/5

I originally gave this a two but I think that was just the incail shock about how bad it was frankly it is not bad, it is simply average in my opinon.

How to Survive Your Twenties?


My first point is travel, now some people may say you have years and years to do this but in your twenties you are not expected to be ranking it in so working in a bar in a different country is not such a bad thing, go see the world because after all you only live once and when you are in your twenties you have reached the peak of your althtic ability so you can enjoy the world a lot more. My grandmother has been traveling the world since she retired but there are certain things she struggles with that maybe if she had been young she would be able to see full.
The second thing I would like to say is about work. Now I’ve never really had a job, I actually got my first job during the summer which waitressing, it was just twice a week but it was something. Any ways carringing on, I think a lot of people stress so much about getting a job, now of course don’t be one of those people sitting on there are expecting a really well paid job to come to you but equally don’t stress about not finding something. You may have a degree, you may not but find something you enjoy and that’s what is important because most people in there twenties find a job and that’s the job they have for the next fourth something years. Like my dad at the age of thirty got a job, and he has the same job twenty one years later, he doesn’t really like it but it is a really well paid job for not doing much, so basically make sure that everything lines up.
My third point is relationships, now I live with a girl who wanted a baby and eighteen, two years later I think she would be so happy if she had a kid now, her boyfriend probably wouldn’t as he is very get a job and be careful. Now I am a little old fashioned when it comes to kids, I think you should do the whole getting married, get a house and then have a kid and honestly think more people should be doing this. Yes a lot of people have kids in there early twenties but you are losing a lot of time where you can figure out what you want and how you want to be. Now before I get some bitch complaining about I just want a kid. You can still have that bloody kid just have some time when you are out of education when you have no strings to do something different, don’t get out of school or college or uni or whatever else and then have a kid. Yes you maybe happy and everything, the kid maybe your world but I honestly think you should be using your twenties to be selfish.
Experiment, this is my finally point. Sure you could try a gay relationship, you could try a straight one. You could try a legal high drug (I am not going to condone taking anything illegal but legal highs are just as good) change your hair colour, try and learn an instrument and most importantly fall in and out of relationships like no body knows. Everyone one of those things are important and can make you in to a better more rounded person, so don’t just get out of school and grab the first thing you see look around and see what the world has to offer you, and make sure you have fun because after all your twenties create the person you are, and you would rather be positive than negative.

Severus Snape and the Marauders Review

Maybe I am one of the harsher people in the world or maybe I just love Harry Potter a little too much. Around a year ago something which I believe is honestly magical and brilliant was released by a company called Broad Strokes Productions. This story was written by Justin Zagri and directed by him and it was produced by Liana Minassian. I am a strong believer that they need a huge amount of credit when it comes to this product.

If I knew very little about Harry Potter I would give this a five out of five no issue because for one thing, the story is written well, for a kickerstarter film the special affects are great the acting is better than that of hollywood films and it is the story that many fans have been craving for. Like I’ve said I am a huge fan on Harry Potter so I am probably the worst person to talk about this film.

My first issue with this was the fact that our characters were in what appeared to be a muggle bar drinking what appears to be muggle alcohol. Now I get it, I am an inspiring film producer and I know that trying to creat the atomospher of a wizard area would cost more than they could probably afford. Thing like butter beer, which although is described as “That stuff’s not strong” does contain alcohol in it. I would just preferred to see them drink something which looked more than just coke and orange juice and I think one looked like beer, but I cant quite remember.

Now going back to the muggle area, I am saying it is a muggle pub due to the fact that Snape was using Oblivate on the bar man everytime he asked for ID, something which seems a little trival when it comes to the world of Harry Potter. I just don’t think that the Marauders would actively choose a pub ran by muggle. James and Sirus were both pure bloods so they would have very little connection with muggles, I mean look at the Weasley other than I think the twins who went to show off some card tricks to a pretty girl who worked in the post offic they had very little connection with muggles. The Weaslys didnt really mix its muggles but they had no issue with them. I just don’t think they would celebrate finishing school in that environment when you had plenty of wizard pubs up and down the country. They did try to fix this issue by saying it was Lily’s favourite.

The good part of that scene however almost tears as it reflected the movies and books, some of the words used made me think about Harry and even Neville’s choice of words when describing what the DA was meant to do and honestly that was greatly appreciated as a huge fan, so thank you for writing that. The scene was very touching how they were talking about how they have to fight and how someone of them wouldnt make it, that the fact they would have to fight people they know and their friends.

At the end of the scene Snape walks into where James, Sirus, Peter and Remus are and they apparate and appear in an open space.

I would like to say that I fall into the category of where I believe that James and Snape were as bad as each other when it came to one another, I do however have a lot of respect for James, they same can’t be said about Snape. That was another issue with this film.

James and Sirus were thought to be some of the best as magic and everything else surrounding in there year, might have been better than most in the school yet James needs to have Sirus, Petter and Remus to help him dual with Snape. Don’t get me wrong I think in the twenty years from when they left hogwarts to when Snape had that dual with Mcgonagall in the seventh film he learnt how to be better than James or Sirus ever were. I don’t believe at the age of eighteen that he would be able to take on all four of them. In the two years that had past from his worst memory where Snape was hung upside down by James and Sirus, he could do very little against two of them. Now unless he had some serious (Haha Serious like Sirus) death eater training during his summer holidays there is no way that in two years he could go from barely being able to defend himself against two people to be able to match four people.

I would have also liked to see James a little more cocky and arrogant, he’s he had some lovely sides to him but I would have like to see that shown when fighting  Snape. I would have liked to see him toy with him, make it look like he is going to be hit then at the last second block it. The only person who I believe they got perfectly in terms of personality was Peter, he was the last to jump in and help and I have a lot of respect of the actors mannerisms because they were down to a tee. Sirus was a very close second, then Remus, then Snape and lastly James. Lilly wasn’t in it enough for me to make a comment about her she appears really at the end and I felt though she looked perfect her and Snape’s relasionship had broken down by the end of school so felt the hug was a little out of place.

Going off topic a little, although this is done brilliant and I love the story and writing, the way it is shot. The acting i top knocked as well it is the fact that I am a huge fan that I cannot mark this high because it doesn’t fit with the characters that have already been built over the past twenty years and that is the only reason I am giving this a 3.5 out of 5.

If wasn’t a fan it would be five stars but I am the mean judge when the Harry Potter world is in play.

Watch it on YouTube. It is only twenty five miniutes of your life. There is also one made by the same people called the Greater Good, but the acting is not quite up to standard, guy who plays Abe is brilliant though.

Hope you liked reading. Here is the cast, how perfect do they look?


How to Care About Hair

I have got a little too political for my liking, not that is a bad idea but having posted two posts yesterday I thought I would write something a little more light hearted. I am going to try my hardest to write at least once a day because I want this blog to works. Although I actually wrote this a few months ago on another blog I thought I would put it up on here as I am going to slowly move everything over to here. I was going to make this blog about fashion and reviews but I seem to have lost my way a little, not that that’s a bad thing and all that.

I dye my hair, not much because it is only once my roots have grown out a lot does my hair look weird, I can go a month or so with dark roots and it is looks kinda normal. You see my natural hair colour is a mousy brown/ dark blonde sort of colour but one glance at me a few days ago you wouldn’t have really thought that, granted my roots were fucking dark but it looked natural. I’ve been dying my hair once every three months for the past two years, I’ve been darker, pink, purple and red but I always feel better at a lighter blonde. I am lucky I can get away without dying it so much, my mother does her every six weeks and anything longer you can start to see the grey come through not that she will ever admit that. My hair is in fucking fantastic condition at the moment.

During the summer I went to centre parcs and when my parents turn around and the first thing i said was, “But I’ve just got my hair in a good condition it’s going to get ruined” it doesn’t because I look after my hair a lot better than most people think. Now this is what I do with my hair it may not work for you but my hair is so soft at the moment.

My number one tip is don’t over wash it. So many people wash their hair every other day no matter what shampoo you use you are actually taking out the natural oils by washing it that much. I normally wash it once a week, sometimes twice it really depends on if I have anything important to do because I do suffer from greasy and therefore if I have a party to go to or I am meeting up with someone then I tend to wash it again, because you can start to notice, well I notice after five days that my hair is starting to feel a little greasy.

Don’t brush it every day. I know this is a weird one but again it can actually do more damage than good, if you are a restless sleep like I am, work out hairstyles which look okay when you wake up. I brush my hair every other day. I haven’t brush it today but due to the fact I washed it yesterday and brushed it then I don’t need to it and it will probably still be okay tomorrow but I’ll stick with a bun look. The issue with you brushing your hair so much is you end up pulling out so much of you hair, so if you don’t want to take my tip don’t yank a brush through you hair. If you get to a knot, stop and go for the top and keep going and knot will go. Yanking a brush through you hair is totally not going to help.

Using hair spray or other products is not healthy. I don’t care what people say anyone with basic hair knowledge knows that it’s not going to help, so you have frizzy hair? The spray you are using is just going to make it worst in the long run. Just be confident with your natural hair and you will find that it won’t break and the amount of split ends will decrease.

Try not to use heat, even a hairdryer. The only time I tend to use a hair dryer is if I am in a rush or I’ve just dyed it and I wanted to see the colour. Heat causes split ends, so if you do wash your hair, do it the night before or get up earlier so you are not rushing around and damaging your hair. I know theses are basic tips but your hair is important. My hair use to be so bad, but once cutting a chunk off it and actually watching what I do with it, most of the time it looks soft and shiny and healthy hair is a better you, no matter what they say.

As you can see I am not a complete bitch, just a bitch most of the time.