April, 1st

Today marks the first of april, and this year the first seems to be the most interesting of the month. Today is of course Easter Sunday, the day that, according to some book that Jesus came back to live, having been killed on the previous Friday. Now my dad is born on April first, and I don’t think he is too glad about sharing his birthday with Easter this year, my parents and brother are not really in to religion, i follow these sorts of holidays from a pagan point of view rather than from a protestant point of view, because by being pagan I can still be apart of the christian faith, (Though I never say I’m christian as I believe the mainstream version is corrupted) but at the same time not believe in god, because I follow the spiritual aspects of the religion. I follow the pagan religion because it means i can celebrate all theses holidays without being a hypocrite, no matter what people say Christmas is a christian holiday, easter is a christian holiday, other people who follow other religions can celebrate if they like, but they should not try and change such things, because they makes them god awful people, in my opinion, we don’t try and take your holidays don’t take ours.

Moving on, today also happens to be April Fools days, and I wrote this before any tricks had happened, last couple of years I have been a little disappointed on the tricks the internet have tried to pull, but let’s see how today goes, with easter also insight.

So other things that are to happen in this month, due to being in the UK I am just going to talk about the dates which happen in this country, I might mention a couple from other countries, probably as I may have celebrated them at some point in time.

To start with we have National Beer day on April, 6, now because this falls on a friday and I have work the next day I probably won’t be celebrating this, but frankly it is a great day to have, so as long as you are of legal age and not an alcoholic have fun drinking.

On a slightly different note, this month also has the Hillsborough Disaster Memorial Day, which is mainly happens in Liverpool, but with the victims of the families finally getting justice, I feel like the whole of the United Kingdom, will remember those who were lost in a tragic accident, which could have been easily prevented.

Moving on in this month England also celebrates St George, which also shares the date of Shakespeare’s birth and death day, who too many is one of the best writers to ever have lived. I can’t say I have ever really celebrated either day but I do take a moment to at least acknowledge such people, even if the former has a slightly fictional story.

As well as everything I have mentioned it also happens to be

  • International Guitar Month
  • Stress Awareness Month
  • Sexual Assault Awareness Month

and throughout the month there are so so days to celebrate the following

  1. Jazz
  2. Dance
  3. Veterinarians
  4. International Moment of Laughter
  5. Safety and Health at Work Day
  6. World Penguin
  7. Haiku Poetry
  8. Malaria Awareness Day

and many others, so have a good month and I hope the April showers are not too bad this year.

Hello March

It is the first and I am actually writing this, shock horror. With theses things I am only going to really talk about things that happen in the UK and maybe a few about America but I am pretty clueless about everything else.

So today is the day of two things. The first and more important than the latter is of course Ash Wednesday, the day in which lent begins. I am an atheist but I accept that some people do stay true to this, I think I gave up one thing one year for a joke, Ketchup and I still hate it, ten years later.

Today is also St Davids day which is the stain of Wales, being English there is this on going battle of the English and Welsh hating each other so I don’t have a clue what this holiday is actually meant to represent. I feel like I should probably know due to the fact I live just over an hour from Wales, and my brother is currently studying there but I seem to have grown up presenting the Welsh don’t exist. By the way that is just sarcasm.  Now I feel that is a little harsh on them so I had a quick look to our old friend Wikipedia. The day is known as a feast day where you celebrate every first of march in celebration of David getting his Saint title, so pretty simple. The traditions include wearing daffodils and leeks and eating welsh food. Some cities in Wales also have parades throughout the day, I remember my brother mentioning this in the past. To be fair it’s not a bad day, you get to eat and watch parades, but one little problem it is not an official holiday so unlike some of the bullshite holidays America get we have to go to school and work and run our lives as normal.

For those who likes stargazing, the full moon follows on the 12th of the month while the New Moon is on the 28th.

We also have another Saint day here in the UK, this time it is the one for Ireland. Although not strictually apart of the UK we go normally give them a shout out when the day falls. I think the day is bigger in America than it is in most of the UK. Like St Davids day it is also known as a feast day. It is set to mark the time Christianity came to Ireland and it celebrates the culture and heritage of Ireland. There are some traditions such as wearing green and wearing shamrocks. I have celebrated this day a number of times though which normally involves drinking more than a should but you have to love the Irish for that quality.

In the UK Mothering Sunday falls on the 26th. Also on that day it is known as Make Up Your Own Hoilday Day, for those who wish to have laugh.

It is also Woman’s History Month, but I would also like to take this time to thank every man that has supported a woman achievements and inventions which they have contributed to socitiey, thus letting us have this month in which we can celebrate every good thing that woman have done as a sex.

All Thing February

So I am writing this about half way through the month. Though I use to do this on my last blog so I thought I would keep the thing up, I may go back and add January on because frankly I like writing theses sorts of things.

So what is this month about, love (Ew Yuck) and then of course we have pancake day at the end of it, so frankly that is a bonus. The net thing no one will care about but it is my brothers birthday so that is something I need to talk about. Chinese New Year is also happening this month, as well as it being Black History month, Ash Wednesday Day, Groundhog Day, President’s Day and Mardi Gras all happen this month. So let me talk about a few of them.

Starting with Chinese New Year, although it falls at the end of January from my expirence it is normally celebrated for around five years, I might be wrong on that because I am using a memory which is around four years old to quested that. Speaking of Chinese New Year, I was born in the year of the Pig, this year is the year of the rooster, for those who don’t know how the animals work they happen every 12 years, so if you are turning a multiple of twelve this year then congraulations you were born in the year of the rooster. Things such as the Dragon Dance or Lion Dance, as well as the exchange of the Red Envelopes, normally filled with money are just some of the things that happen over the week.

Net we have the National Freedom day, which happens on the first of the month, not being American myself I don’t know much about this holiday or day or whatever it is. I do now that it was Preisdent Harry Truman who made this an official observance.

Next on our list is Groundhog day, whic falls on the second. Anyone who has watched the film Groundhog Day I have a pretty good understanding on what this day is about, if you havent you should go watch the film it is pretty damn good  Though like most things is is mainly celbebrated in the United States I am only aware of it due to the film. It magically means that if it rains on this day we will have six more weeks of rain and if it is sunny then we will have six more weeks of sun.

Next on my list is Valentine’s Day, a day which is completly and uttly pointless. Due to the fact that I am writing this after that day I have actually written a blog post about the day if you wish to read it. I think the day is pointless because if you love someone you should be showing it everyday not just for one day a year.

President Day, or Washington Da in one states  wihich os basically celbrating Washington’s Birthday, and it honours all the presidents of United States of America, it happens on the third Monday of the February and although I have little knowledge on it I do like knowing about theses sorts of dates.

Media Gras, or in my country Pankcake day or sometimes call troves Tuesday. It happens the day before Ash Wednesday, so this year it is happening on the 28th. Originally this was a day when you could get everything sweet and put it in a pot or in a pancake and eat them in order to prepare yourself for the following day. In America they do it a little bit bigger often having parties and dressing up which makes the whole day in the UK seem a little boring.

Ash Wednesday is the following day, starting on the 29th this year it is the day in which lent begins which is fourth days of fasting, which leads right up to Easter. Christian’s often fast on this day and go to church but a lot of people don’t really follow this day at all.