Affiliates/ Discounts

Because for some reason a lot of people follow me on Instagram I have a few discount codes for you and so if you wish to buy something at a discounted price here you go.I have recently stopped working with a few brands and I personally did not like them and thought it was wrong to gush about them all to get free stuff.

Just Me Tea

(Code- Burgess10)


I am very careful when choosing tea brands because a lot of them are complete scams. What I like about this brand it is all about health rather than losing weight. I remember when I first took this and the amount of times I was going to the Lavatory was ridiculous because my body wasn’t use to this sort of detox. I fully recommend it and if you want 10% off use the code above the picture.

Motivated Soul

(Code- ROSIE15)


This is a very new brand and they reached out to me and I am all about supporting up and coming brands because a lot of business do go broke within the first year and I think everyone should have the opportunity to achieve their dreams. Here is me wearing one of their sweatshirts. Due to them being a new brand there isn’t a whole lot  online at the moment but they let me know they will update as soon as they can and therefore it would be awesome if you could check them out.