Where it all Began (Album) Review


One of the jobs I work at, you have the option of listening to music, which is nice and does actually help me get in to the rhythm. This isn’t really going to be a reviews it’s more like they help me work, and honestly it’s a little bit too pop for me, I cringe a lot at some of the love songs, but the beat is infections. I find myself tapping along, and mummering the words to myself.

Now this album is by a group called Dan & Shay, who are marked as country, and although the storytelling is down that road, the music is a lot more pop, but I do love my country pop. So, while looking at the tracklist, the ones which I can sing along to are probably my favourite ones, however that is most of them. I will make a couple of mentions, What You Do to Me, is probably the one I love listening to the most. Yes, it’s probably full of cliches, both love songs and that of country songs, with references to the butterflies, and the whole dad hating the guy his daughter is dating.  It’s just a feel good song that I love to listen to, and honestly that all I need.

Another song I love is probably Can’t Say No, which is focused on a relationship a little bit further down the road, rather than the first song which is about the first few days, and the love at first look feeling. While this is more about a couple, living together and how he would rather be wrapped up in the sheets, than be with the guys, because ultimately she could ask him to do anything, and he couldn’t say no.

There’s quite a few more that i like, but the one thing I would like to say about each song, is that although the storytelling is good, i don’t feel like we get a true ending from a lot of the songs, with the exception of 19 You + Me, which goes full circle, I have a love hate relationship with that song,  like I love the first half of the chorus but the rest of it, i think could be so much better, but it does have a ending, even if it’s a little bitter. I go prefer this albums as a whole, compared to the second one, because I feel like it’s more upbeat, and the songs are a easier to belt out of the top of your voice, although the lyrics and songwriting is better on the second album.

For those who want to listen to the album, you can download it for free with Amazon Prime, I don’t use spotify to have no idea if it is on there.

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