How to Care About Hair

I have got a little too political for my liking, not that is a bad idea but having posted two posts yesterday I thought I would write something a little more light hearted. I am going to try my hardest to write at least once a day because I want this blog to works. Although I actually wrote this a few months ago on another blog I thought I would put it up on here as I am going to slowly move everything over to here. I was going to make this blog about fashion and reviews but I seem to have lost my way a little, not that that’s a bad thing and all that.

I dye my hair, not much because it is only once my roots have grown out a lot does my hair look weird, I can go a month or so with dark roots and it is looks kinda normal. You see my natural hair colour is a mousy brown/ dark blonde sort of colour but one glance at me a few days ago you wouldn’t have really thought that, granted my roots were fucking dark but it looked natural. I’ve been dying my hair once every three months for the past two years, I’ve been darker, pink, purple and red but I always feel better at a lighter blonde. I am lucky I can get away without dying it so much, my mother does her every six weeks and anything longer you can start to see the grey come through not that she will ever admit that. My hair is in fucking fantastic condition at the moment.

During the summer I went to centre parcs and when my parents turn around and the first thing i said was, “But I’ve just got my hair in a good condition it’s going to get ruined” it doesn’t because I look after my hair a lot better than most people think. Now this is what I do with my hair it may not work for you but my hair is so soft at the moment.

My number one tip is don’t over wash it. So many people wash their hair every other day no matter what shampoo you use you are actually taking out the natural oils by washing it that much. I normally wash it once a week, sometimes twice it really depends on if I have anything important to do because I do suffer from greasy and therefore if I have a party to go to or I am meeting up with someone then I tend to wash it again, because you can start to notice, well I notice after five days that my hair is starting to feel a little greasy.

Don’t brush it every day. I know this is a weird one but again it can actually do more damage than good, if you are a restless sleep like I am, work out hairstyles which look okay when you wake up. I brush my hair every other day. I haven’t brush it today but due to the fact I washed it yesterday and brushed it then I don’t need to it and it will probably still be okay tomorrow but I’ll stick with a bun look. The issue with you brushing your hair so much is you end up pulling out so much of you hair, so if you don’t want to take my tip don’t yank a brush through you hair. If you get to a knot, stop and go for the top and keep going and knot will go. Yanking a brush through you hair is totally not going to help.

Using hair spray or other products is not healthy. I don’t care what people say anyone with basic hair knowledge knows that it’s not going to help, so you have frizzy hair? The spray you are using is just going to make it worst in the long run. Just be confident with your natural hair and you will find that it won’t break and the amount of split ends will decrease.

Try not to use heat, even a hairdryer. The only time I tend to use a hair dryer is if I am in a rush or I’ve just dyed it and I wanted to see the colour. Heat causes split ends, so if you do wash your hair, do it the night before or get up earlier so you are not rushing around and damaging your hair. I know theses are basic tips but your hair is important. My hair use to be so bad, but once cutting a chunk off it and actually watching what I do with it, most of the time it looks soft and shiny and healthy hair is a better you, no matter what they say.

As you can see I am not a complete bitch, just a bitch most of the time.

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