The Sims Mobile Game

So with the Sims Mobile game being out worldwide for around forty eight hours and with me playing most of the day yesterday thought I would talk about it.

Now I do like this game, its easy and mindless which is something I adore. My faming is basically sims, harry potter, Spyro and every now again Lara Croft. So I’m not really a gamer and things like graphics are not something which I think about.

Now sims have another game, free play and there are elements which are similar and if I was going to say which game is more like the PC version it would be the former. However, I do prefer this one as I tend to use cheats when playing the PC game. Its not something I really like dealing with, so personally that’s a bonus for this game, especially when you have energy of thirty actions alongside needs. This game has thirty actions you can perform but this doesn’t drop with every action and that make this game easy to level up and move forward without spending money, its just a little time consuming.

You have daily goals, you have quested and you can make friends with other simmers from around the world. For a mobile game this is just what I want, simple, easy to use, great way to past the time and no money needed.

I give it a 4.5/5

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