If you have Food, Protection and Shelter. You have nothing to Resist!

Okay today I just feel like a bitch, I spent most of the weekend under my coves due to a migraine which I didn’t help by spending most of my time on my phone and the internet, but shush. There is this girl, who hasn’t blocked me on Twitter who has pretty much gone through Paul Joseph Watson’s followers and blocked them all just because they may say something to her, I am trying not to laugh but it is so funny and so pathetic. That would be like me going through Beyonce’s twitter followers and doing the same (I don’t really like her, I find her overrated, that being said I have seen her live and she does put a good show on but I lose repect for people when they use ghost writers) This girl was tweeting about this so called residence that you need to bring to in terms of trump, because after all he is the devil (Roll eyes dramatically)

First off what the fuck are you resisting. I understand if you are homeless, by all means resist the government have let you down after all and for the I feel so bad for, but if you have a house or flat or whatever, if you have food, if you have protection and if you have friends or family around you, then you are doing a whole lot better than most of the world and the goverment have no let you down, no matter what you think of the people in charge. What are your resisting? Nothing so shut the fuck up. Now if you are homeless by all means resist because people have left you down, but if you have a job and a place to stay shut the fuck up. Donald Trump has been in power for like fifty days, give or take a few days and every time anything happens everyone is like oh well Obama just set that up. Every time something bad happens everyone is like, impeach him, he is a horrible person. He hasn’t down anything yet. Like I said he has been there for fifty days he has to set the ground work to be able to get anything down. I don’t like him as a person but if he does everything he wants to do he will be incredible and you have to be blind and deluded not to see that.

The only people have the right to resist are those who are struggling to get the basic needs. Oh and if you are an American Citizen just remember that Donald Trump is still your present, not matter what you do personally.


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