With the epidemic of Fake News, how to we know what is real theses days. On one side with have Obama who use to threaten news outlets and cut their fundings if they didn’t do what he said, in turn braining washing the whole media. As I have mentioned before his administration one an award for suppressing freedom of speech. On the other side you have Trump, who frankly just confuses me. Now I want to believe him but a lot of the time when he states things on Twitter he has no sources and so I end up having to check his tweets and most of the time this information is online somewhere, but some of the time it is also fake new he has just believed the first thing he has read.

So I am left a little confused over this story, not sure whether it is true or not, so I decided to look in on Obama’s government in terms of wiretapping.  In 2013 the New Yorker published an article talking about how wiretapping is making a comeback in the White House. This as something which Bush used, Nixon and probably a fair few other presidents as well. It talks about how the Justice Department seized two months worth of Associated Press reporters telephone records without warrants. A little bit weird don’t you think? At this current time Obama’s administration was compared to “Big Brother-style tyrant in charge of power-abusing surveillance state” a statement made by both Zeke Miller and Michael Crowley.

I went to college with a guy who got put on a watch list by the government because he had a conversation of Facebook about how to make a bomb. Certain words were flagged and therefore the government was told about it, something like that I have no issue with as long as you don’t abuse the number of flagged words. This issue with this story was they were looking to the opposition of the current election.

As the months and months past my respect for Obama is getting lower and lower, yes I didn’t like his politics but I thought he was a good person who had good intentions. Every day that has past since he left office I seem to learn something more about him which doesn’t give a good imagine off him. The press don’t know everything, so surely there is stuff out there that might even worse which has fallen through cracks. I am left confused why no one said anything. Oh right yeah he blackmailed people and threaten their jobs if they went against him.

Now let me go back to the current situation which is about none other than Donald Trump, you know the president of the United States. Just remember if you are American, he is your president.

In June 2016, five months before Donald Trump as elected President Obama files a request with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, or FISA for short. The request was denied. In October 2016 FISA reported that Obama administration submits a new, narrow request to the court, now focused on the computer server in Trump Tower. This was around the same time that Trump was thought to be working with the Russians, although quite often leaders talk to one another. Trump may like Putin but it doesn’t mean that Russia is in control. I really don’t want Cold War 2.0 so I think we should try and form a bone with Russia and try and talk to one another like adults when each country does something the other doesn’t agree with, but I can’t see that happening. In October they were allowed to have the wiretap, no evidence as found, but they kept them open with a month until the vote of the election. Now say Obama hadn’t done his two terms already and was still up for election would this be a bigger issue? or would the mainstream media still think that he is a saint? Obama backed Clinton he was very pro her so i just wonder if he past anything on about what trump was doing and everything.

It might have been legal, that bit I understand but if nothing was found, how clean does trump have to be? There is proof yet the Obama and his administration are still lying about that, I would have a whole lot more respect for you if you just said ‘We thought he was working with Russia’ I understand that but nothing was found so you might as well just admit that, but anyways the mainstream media seems to be turning the whole thing into thinking that there is no proof and that Trump has lost his marbles.

Statement from Kevin Lewis, adviser to Obama. Nothing about Obama himself just the administration.

Also, anyone saying their has to be evidence about whether you can request a wiretap to the FISA Court might need to look at this tweet. As you can see FISA rarely decline anything.

And lastly the proof which shows that their was an request, but guess what nothing was found. Better luck next time.


Obama Advisor Rhodes Is Wrong: The President Can Order A Wiretap, And Why Trump May Have The Last Laugh

REPORT: FBI Said to Have ‘Granted FISA Warrant’ To Wiretap TRUMP Tower… MSM Claims Trump “Provided No Evidence”

Spying on The Associated Press


Big Brother-style tyrant in charge of power-abusing surveillance state


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