A Little Story

This is a story about VISA, a story which came about after hearing about the football team which have been denied entry into the US, for not having a good enough reason to enter the US.

I went to a boarding school and so I went to school that had people  had to get VISA in order to come over and study here. When I was in year six a guy had to drop out of school because he couldn’t get a new VISA and therefore had to return home. He was a white male before someone asks what is his skin colour. He came back for six form but that’s not the point. He got denied a visa because apprently he didn’t have a strong enough reason to stay in the country. He had to return home and finish off his year in another country, a country where he has never entered the school system.

It is very commeon, if you are going to focus on girls because a few of them are classed as refuges then maybe you should focus on everyone else who is denied a visa for little or no reason.

And this is short and sweet.


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