Snowflakes or Bullies

I tried to explain this insult to my dad around a week ago and with today being the day Trump becomes president I thought it would be a good idea to start. For those who read my first post, if I was american I would have voted for Gary Johnson. I agree with him a lot more than either Trump or Hilary and even though he is the third part he is the head of one of the larger third parties so personally feel that is a good place to be.


We live in a world where there seems to be a huge group of people that seem to get offended by everything. I personally believe that I have never been bullied, if we are using the definition of “Persistent, offensive, abusive, intimidating or insulting behavior, abuse of power or unfair penal sanctions which makes the recipient feel upset, threatened, humiliated or vulnerable, which undermines their self-confidence and which may cause them to suffer stress” Verbal bullying to me is as much as the ‘bullies’ fault as it is the victims. I am going to get hate for that, but what I don’t care. If I don’t like what you say I can do this thing called press the block button and move on with my life. It’s the same in life, if i don’t like what you are saying, I can just walk away and get on with my life. Physical bullying I believe in, verbal and cyberbullying I just think you are an idiot. By the way if you are hurt by what I am saying, there is this thing called a block button which may help you move on with your life.

This idea came around because I was watching the program, everyone always raves about it, it’s called Degrassi, and personally I really liked the first season but after one comment it made me come to realise how stupid and idiotic people are. Basically in this episode, a white girl, frankie drew a black girl, Shay as a monkey and got offended over it.Shay and her friends and previous stolen Frankie and her friends clothes which ended with Frankie exposing herself naked to most of the school. It really pissed me off because Frankie is being made out to be a racist when she was in fact just being a little dim and having a laugh. Shay was the one who made it into a race issue and that what bothered me with people these days. I believe the conversation was something like. “She was only joking. She didn’t mean it in that way” “Yeah but some people do” Like is she just going to blame her for not having a clue, is she just trying to make it look like every white person in the world is at fault because a handful of them actually are racist. It’s like anything, a handful of Muslims are members of the ISIS, a handful of white people are members of the KKK. A handful of Germans are still radical NAZI. Yet we live in a world where you want to blame a whole group of people because of just a few people and it actually makes me want punch things.

I am an emotional person, I often get told that if I am passionate about something it is pretty much impossible to change my mind when surrounding those issues. I went to a private school and so I come from really nice background, a background in which my parents worked so fucking hard for it. I am not going to say sorry for that. If you really want something keep working until you get it. We are never going to be able to move on if we spend the whole time throwing cheap shots at each other and spending time trying to be offended by everything. I know this is similar to my post “Remember” but I think I need to keep saying it until people learn. People are thick, that is a fact and we are getting dumber by the day because as technology advances we have less of a reason to keep using our brains. They say human intelligence is decreasing, said that we have already reached our peak.

I never go out of my way to hurt people, that often it is just humor. The amount of times people don’t seem to understand that is how i operate and it is ridiculous. I am a very chilled person you would have to do something real bad to actually hurt my feelings. I honestly don’t care because I know exactly what I am, I may not know who I am, but I know my faults and I know that if I can live life trying to believe in the best of people then everyone can. You don’t need to try and find how to get hurt.

On boxing day my family came over and we got into a conversation about whether the death penalty is a good or a bad thing. My answer was everyone has the opportunity of being good, and everyone has the opportunity of being bad, it is all about the choose that you made. With help everyone can be good, it may take a few weeks, it make say a few month or you may run out of time but I honestly believe that you should try and fix everyone. I personally believe that prisons should be stripped back. There should be some sort of work program where they can learn about construction, and maths and science and whatever else in order to help them become a better person and hopefully help them leave a life of crime behind them.

My cousin is doing a project on gangs, well he was the last time I saw him. My dad brought up something which I believe is simply groundbreaking. Shall I tell you who owns most of the areas at the Rio Olympics, gang members. they brought it to the project to stop their family and friends entering the life of crime and gangs, they did it in away to help the next generation. Everyone is so focus about their own generation they forget about the next. There is god knows how many football stadiums in London and they are worth millions and millions. I am an arsenal support and I would really love it if something like five percent of the stadium was sold to gangs, so they could help set up the lives of those who are struggling and those who they love. It would help and it is something so simple. You can give money to charity sure, but it is all about getting those who are struggling to invest into a better life. As soon as they have their foot in the door their lives get better.

I believe everyone has good in them and wish we would stop living in a world that gives out so much hate.



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