I don’t claim to be the best person in the world, well sometimes I say things that hurt and therefore I can be the worst person in the world. I lack a filter and i am not going to change that about myself, why should I have to spend my life tip toeing around other people because they are going to get there feelings hurt. I am very if you have an issue with me please tell me but I will probably laugh which tends to make people uncomfortable.

So why label this remember? Now that is the real question, well the reason is rather simple I remember when I could say what I think without getting called a raist, a bigot, anti woman and hatever else you can think of and it really bugs me because I am none of those things. I do have a hard time understanding transgender people because I find the whole thing a little strange. I openly admit that I have issues with it because I know someone who change and realised they have been trying to convince themselves there whole life they were something else only to realise that the surgery didnt make them change gender. They ended up killing themselves. They were just someone i knew i wasnt close but still. If you want to be gender fluid fine but I just find it really hard to understand why you would want to change everything about the way you look by going under the knife. I also get told that I act more like a guy, I have an upbringing of that it doesn’t matter what gender you are, you can do whatever the fuck you want. Why does changing your gender need to be anything, just act like you want it doesnt matter if you are a guy or a girl.

Now I went to a boarding schoool, I think we had people from ninety different countries there, and the school was founded by Indian Princes. Never had I heard the word racist while I was there. We had people from China, Africa, Russia, America, Canada, Parts of South America, including Mexico, Cuba, Argentina, my headmaster was Australian. Some of the teachers were Spanish, French, one was even from Dubai. One of the guys in my Science class was from Dubai, born and I say raised but he spent half the year in England. So does that really count? Moving on he would always joke about being “Randomly searched” hence why he always had to leave early. This was a joke among most of the students everyone said it not matter who you were an no one ever got offended by this. It might have just been because I lived in a world full of different people for eight years of my life. Eight years where you change so much and it makes me upset that people are so mean to one another just because of their skin colour and such and I feel like we have gone backwards rather than forwards. I think it is everyone’s fault. I think you need to stop bringing up the past and I think people need to learn to treat everyone the same.

I personally don’t believe in the wage gap because I am from a family where my mother earnt more than my dad at the same job.  She asked for more money, and just remember if they fire you for asking for the same amount you can take them to court as that is against the law.

It doesn’t matter, if you are white, black, Asian or mixed or whatever else don’t hate on peoples ancestors. Don’t hate someone because of there races history, don’t blame everyone else for your misfortunes. If you find out you are being paid less, talk about a raise and say that you have rights. At the same time don’t judge someone because they aren’t white, don’t think they are any less because they are a woman. Don’t hate or men because of there sexs history. They have a lot of issues as well give them a break. Don’t demand respect because you are older than someone else. Don’t get offended by every little thing, grow a little thicker skin and deal with it.

The world has never been great, but we can get there in time.


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