The Politics of it All

Hello, this is my new blog not idea how many I have now but oh well. I get a little bored easy and so thought I would start a fresh. I was going to write this on my other blog but I wanted to make a better blog and so thought this would be a good subject to talk about it.

I live in a little village in the south west of England in the county somerset. I have lived in the same house my whole life, and I come from a very privilege back ground. I may take it for granted a little too much, but my parents spent their whole lives working so that they can make it a little easier for their children to get a boost in life. I choose a more creative career path to go down, something which they have no knowledge on so they  can’t actually help me. Well they can financially but that is not what I want to talk about.I am going to talk about politics.

I would like to add I am just going to give my view point, as I don’t think it would be appropriate for me to talk about my brother or my parents or even any of my friends. I was always led to believe  that you don’t ask about the way people vote. I have only voted once, it was for the green party. I didn’t vote for the EU thing because I was at a festival and I didn’t vote at the general election because I didn’t feel like it was worth forty pounds to travel home and back as i was at uni. I would have voted to remain and I would have voted for the Liberal Democrats.

I thought I would just talk about the way it works in the UK. We have three main parties, well really two. So we have the Conservatives who right winged, we have the Liberal Democrats who are somewhere in the middle and we have Labour who are left wing.  Now I am going to mention three more parties who have gained more attention that some of the others, one of which actually has more seats than the Liberal Democrats. First we have UKIP who are far right, though to some of the world they are just simply right winged but just to the fact that Conservatives are classed as right wing in this countries, UKIP is a little bit further. Personally I think they go a little too far, anyway moving on to the SNP or Scottish National Party who are much like Labour but they are more focused on getting Independence for Scotland because for those who don’t know technically Scotland, England and Wales are not countries it is the UK which is the country. Lastly we have the Green party who are far left, i voted for them because I didn’t know much about politics at the time and Green was like the fourth highest party at the time so went for them. In terms of what I believe Green is not the party for me.

I found this website called and if you go to the quiz section you can find out what party you side with. I found this website because i wanted to see which party I sided with when it came to america, I know who I would vote in a UK election but not sure about American politics so thought I would fill this out. When you to the quiz section in the right hand corner there is a flag, mine was set to the UK when I first clicked on this site click the flag and you come to a menu and just click on which ever country you want to do the quiz in. The questions are slightly different on each country so even though you can get result just by clicking on the country after completing the quiz once I would make sure you check that all the questions are done, it had an effect on my US results because I had failed to answer the questions.

You can also rate how important each question is to you and of course this is just a summary.


As you can see I am more right winged than left winged. After doing this I then switched to the USA because I don’t know if I should be happy if trump is president. I don’t agree with him when it comes to what comes out his mouth about objecting woman but I was thinking on more of a politic view point and this is what I found out.

I would just like to add there was only Trump, Clinton, Johnson and Stein when I did this quiz so I clicked more candidates because Evan Mcmullin who I have heard of wasn’t there and choose the option to add write ins, this included three which I have never heard of and one of those were top. So here we go.


So apparently I am a Trashumanist, after looking at the Wikipedia it seems to mainly be about science and prolonging life which I could get behind, but I have no idea if they are left winged or right wing, I would guess more right, purely because of the next two things which follow. What I have however  learnt is that I am more of a Republican than a Democrat and in terms of politics I am more on Trumps side. That being said with this information I would have most likely voted for Gary Johnson, because I do feel that even though I am right winged in the UK, I think america are even more right winged when it comes to there main party and so I would vote for the one slightly right. I grew up thinking that Democrats were what I believe in but I am not from that type of upbringing.

I am a spoilt rich kid who  may have to work for what I want but I have had a pretty nice life and the issues of money have never come to mind. That being said I am from a family who have worked fucking hard for that.I think everyone has the opportunity of aiming high and getting what they want. If you are a woman, that doesn’t matter, if you are from a minority that doesn’t matter. If you really want something nothing can stop you. It is all about how dedicated you are. I believe that if you don’t like your life, then you do something about it instead of waiting for the government to sort it out and they are never going to keep everyone happy. They are going to keep the rich happy because if something happens to the country they are the ones that will support them.

I don’t feel that just because you earn more money you should pay more taxes, I don’t think that the government should be responsible for people too lazy to work. I think if you are on benefits you should have to do such things as litter picking to earn them. Keep your family and friends close because if you do struggle they will help you out. I find it so strange when people become homeless because do they not have any friends? do they have no family, do they not know a single person who will let them crash on there sofa. I think the government should be allowed to read emails and texts if they honestly believe that this person could cause harm to others. I think immigration is healthy but they should be monitored and if they haven’t contributed to society or have broken a major law then they should be deported. I think population should be monitored, but I think if the health of the population can be improved then it should be. I think people need to be told they are too fat or too skinny when it affects there health. I think people should learn that the wage gape is not real, that often men work longer hours, they are more likely to ask for more money, they are more likely to die in there chosen profession and they take higher paying jobs. They are also less likely to take time off work for children. My parents had the same job for years, my dad worked at a larger firm where they could be paid more but my mother made herself valuable and therefore she got paid more.  I think if you are earning more than the average wage of that country you should not be allowed to go on strike and if you do your pay should be cut.If you have real concerns then I believe an investigator should look at the company and then deiced on the actions, while this is going on no one can be fired. I may seem naive to you but like I said if you don’t like your life, then do something about it. It is not the governments responsibility, it is not anyone else’s responsibility. Life is short you might as well do what you love.


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