The Choosen Seven

I couldn’t come up with a title which wasn’t long so I came up with the choose seven and before people wonder the fuck this is about this is about the seven countries in which Obama choose write on a list to ban, in which has now come in to action a few days ago. Now I am probably coming across a little Pro-Trump, personally I am not a fan on him in fact I have very little respect for him that being said I have a strong believer in research and expecting the best out of people before hating on them, frankly it is very hard for me to hate on someone. I try my best to see the best in people no matter how deep that may be in side of them.

I would like to express some facts in why I am not completely against what Trump is doing theses days.

America in known to cause trouble when trouble is not needed, this ended up with the US military currently bombing seven countries. In 2011 Obama choose to ban people from Iran for six months in order to make sure that no terrorist were to enter the country. A lot of the articles congratulated him saying that the US of A needs time to resort out their vetting system.

In 2015 a law came around in which that seven countries may be unable to travel to the US which are Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. The USA are currently bombing four of thouse countries so they know there are terroists and so they just which to have a stronger vetting system.

Trump choose to inforce this law, but what the media and even people at US airports failed to do was to check what this ban on travel actually meant. The media, just like it normally does went ahead and just made Trump look a lot worst than he was actually meant to be. You see when Obama put his ban on Iran in 2011 this didn’t include green card holders or people who have born American citizenship as well as Iran. What the media began to publish is that trump is banning anyone from those countries no matter if they are in the USA legally or not, and no one not until today decided to actually ask him what he meant.

Boris Johnson, for those who dont know who he is was the Mayor of London, now I don’t really know what is status is but he is a British Politiction and he made a statement probably wanting to check to see if people who were British were allowed into America is they are from one of those seven countries, Mo Farrah who is from Somalia but is a British citizen and is currently in Africa training “comments” about not sure if he can go home seemed to do there way around. Personally I am not sure if he actually made any comments as they seemed to appear of pages like the Daily Mail which is known to make things up. Anyways I will copy what the statement actually says.

“The Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has today held conversations with the US Government and as a result we can clarify that:

The Presidential executive order only applies to individuals travelling from one of the seven named countries.
If you are travelling to the US from anywhere other than one of those countries (for instance, the UK) the executive order does not apply to you and you will experience no extra checks regardless of your nationality or your place of birth.
If you are a UK national who happens to be travelling from one of those countries to the US, then the order does not apply to you – even if you were born in one of those countries.
If you are a dual citizen of one of those countries travelling to the US from OUTSIDE those countries then the order does not apply to you.
The only dual nationals who might have extra checks are those coming from one of the seven countries themselves – for example a UK-Libya dual national coming from Libya to the US.”

So trump is actually not being a dick the ones holding people at airports for no reason are the ones being dicks. If you are still going to say he is being a horrible human being by just doing double checks then maybe you are the issue not him. I have said I am not a huge fan of him, but having read that statement he is only stopping the travel between those seven countries and is double checking those who come from those countries about wheather they have any links to ISIS. I just hope that maybe people should check the law before trying to make a big deal about it and having yet another anti trump protest when in fact it was everyone trying to make him the bad guy when he was simply performing a travel ban.


Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Review

To be fair I wasn’t going to move this over from my other blog because frankly I wanted to review things which weren’t really well known, but then again I thought it would be a waste not to move i over and frankly as you guys probably have notice I have a huge obsession with Harry Potter so I felt like this needs to be on here wheather it is popular or not.

As you know or you don’t, Harry Potter it was the first book series I wanted to read, you see I suffer from dyslexia and I also have his thing that I should try anything that I know I am going to fail at, enter this thing called reading. When I first got into the Harry Potter series my mum use to read them to me, she did this up to the fifth book. I also had the audio books and I use to follow the words. It takes me about thirty minutes to read the first Harry Potter because of the audio books having in away brainwashed me over the years and I can simply scan the books without really looking and I know the words.

The reason I am saying all this is because my dream is to be a film producer (the ones who cast and get all the funding for the film. My parents are both accountants and they always joke about how even though I am determined not to follow there route I still what a job where I have to deal with budgets) I didn’t watch the first or the seven film in the cinema no idea why I just know I didn’t. Harry Potter made me interested in the making of a film, the behind the scenes aspects. I’ve probably watched the special features as many times as the films them selves so to say the least I was really excited for an eighth Harry Potter book.

The good thing about this, is for people like me who struggle with reading having it in play format is perfect it makes it easier to read each word rather than having a blurry mess of words which the other Harry Potter books have caused. I have studied Drama in the past so I am use to this sort of format, my brother no so much. It annoyed him a little he is far more academic than I am, he actually enjoys reading and although he has done a bit of acting in the past, but he is not use to this format. I do agree this story lacked the detail that it needed, the reason Shakespeare works so well is because it is beautifully written and has plenty of detail. This script lacked it and due to a thin story it doesn’t come across as well. Then again I shouldn’t really compared one of the greatest writers to Harry Potter but then I can be a drama snob. Well I can be a snob full stop.

The next bit contains spoilers. There are parts of this story really well planned out, the friendship between Albus, and Scorpio is probably a better friendship than the original trio. Although I understand Ron and Hermione fighting all the time, that does tend to happen to people who are trying to remain friends but clearly like each other. Most of the time it was over being jealous of someone. That being said Harry and Ron’s friendship annoys me at two points, the first being Ron spends weeks hating Harry for thinking that he put his name in the goblet of fire, yet he believe Harry at once for Voldemort return and he walks away from Harry and Hermione in the last book. He also believes Harry is not the heir of Slytherin. Those three things I think are all related and well Ron does one, then he does the opposite, then he goes back again. If they were really best friends then I doubt it would be so all over the place. It might have been jealously though. See that was the redeeming quality of this book the bad points are long.

The whole concept of the time thing just seemed really pointless and also broke rules which JK Rowling had already set out. The Time Turner doesn’t change time because after all it has already happened. If that makes sense Harry even says that in the third book. So these two boys go back and change the past which has broken one of the main rules that were already set out. It’s really annoyed me and thus made the whole book more like a bad fan fiction. The whole Voldemort having a daughter just seemed cliché as fuck.

There were nice moments sure, but you have that even in the pile of crap of Fifty shades of grey (which let’s be honest is a book about stalking) the plot was weak and almost needed the detail which the books have, maybe just maybe it would have been decent then rather than wtf is happening. Anyway it’s poor in harry potter terms but better than some of the crap theses days so gets a 3/5

I originally gave this a two but I think that was just the incail shock about how bad it was frankly it is not bad, it is simply average in my opinon.

How to Date

1. Don’t talk about Ex’s

I openly admit that I probably talk about my ex’s far too much. I am actually friends with one of mine, he is now married with a kid. I even went to the wedding but that friendship didn’t happen over night. I have talked about him on at first date before and let me just say I didn’t get a second one, it is not a good idea. A lot of guys, no matter what they say don’t like the girl they are interested in talking about another guy. This goes in to my second tip quite well.
2. Don’t talk about other people of the same sex

When you beginning dating don’t talk about anyone you have had sex with, kissed or just have an extremely close friendship with. Most of my friends are guys, it has always been like that. When you begin dating a guy do you really want to listen to him go on about his really good friend, who happens to be a girl? I didn’t think so. My old housemate dated this guy in the summer who was always talking about this girl. He said ‘we are just good friends’ and all the shite, they broke up and funny story he is now dating that girl. It is a red flag so if you find yourself dating someone always talk about someone of the opposite sex, just leave them, and date someone else.

3. Be confident

I know this sounds like a stupid tip, but trust me. When I was in senior school I dated three guys over a five year period, all of them were relationships and all of them ended rather badly but the first one As I was like fourteen, I doubt it really counts. I did not stand up for myself, I let the guy walk all over me. I don’t even remember my first time having sex because I had drunk so much, I had done so much crap that I completely blanked out and had sex with my current boyfriend. I let him him completely control me. He convinced me that drugs and alcohol was a good idea. I was fifteen when I started dating him and I would say I was eighteen when I completely walked away. If I had the confidence back them maybe I wouldn’t have made friends with these horrible people, maybe I wouldn’t have tried to hurt myself, maybe I wouldn’t be such a bitch. Be confident is a lot more powerful that you think.

4. Do say no.

Again I know this seems a little stupid but I believe it is equally important as everything else. One more thing, just because you have drunk sex and regret it the next day don’t try and get the guy arrested for rape, because it’s not and it really bugs me seeing that happen. Anyway just because a guy wants to have sex with you after the first date it doesn’t mean you have to. If he says ‘well I don’t want to date you then’ it doesn’t mean you have to have sex with him to keep them around. They are a bad egg and you could do so much better.

5. Listen

It is always the guys that get told to listen and not the girls. The amount of girls I see walking over guys is just stupid and ridiculous. Guys may not be the type of people that express there feelings and you may just ask for there opinion without really caring for the answer but I can assure you that it maybe not tomorrow, it may not eve be next year but at some point your guy will get pissed off, if you order him around without paying attention to a word he says. This goes in to my next point very well.

6. Don’t be a Bitch

Every girl is a bitch, I am a bitch for sure but I don’t just shout at a guy for no reason. I live with a couple, well two couples in fact and I look at both the girls and I think to myself how do the guys put up with you. Sure you can want nice things, but there is a different between that and being high maintains, something which seems very common among girls these days. We have a group chat and one of the girls put it the chat “Can someone clean the bathroom” and I was sitting here thinking why the hell don’t you go do it, of course I have to live with them so me expressing that would not be a good idea. So her boyfriend cleaned the bathroom because she asked him to when she is perfectly capable of doing it herself. I see these two girls get moody over the smallest things and will walk away from cooking dinner if there guys have said something wrong. Like just appreciate that the guy likes you and is trying his best, we are all only human.

7. Sex is important.

Let us be honest most people tend to have sex before they are serious, and sex is important in a relationship, as is communication. When I first started having sex with my boyfriend, it was okay nothing special and very average. I, at the time didn’t tell him because of course we had only just started dating. Now I am more honest, if he does something I don’t like I move him, or I move myself into position. If something hurts I tell him. Sex is meant to be a great thing, it is suppose to be fun, you are suppose to enjoy it, if you are not. YOU NEED TO SAY SOMETHING. I hear stories from people about how shite there sex life is and they don’t do anything about it. Talk to one another.

8. Don’t be afraid to reach out

For some reason girls think it’s unacceptable to double text or even reach out first. It always has to be the guy according to them, I would just like to say always say you will pay half the check. I feel like this goes hand in hand. I normally offer three times throughout the evening, the last being when it actually comes before I give up. There was one guy who I had to but half of it on the table before he accepted. Sometimes I actually want to pay you see. Anyway going back to double texting. I never use to, I would try to always be the last person to end a conversation so I never had to be the first one. Now days if I want something I send the first message, otherwise I am not bothered if we go a few days here and there without talking. If it gets to a week and he has no reason not to be texting you, then again another red flag but I would just send a message because some people, like me just forget to reply to texts. Also don’t get paranoid that he hasn’t replied straight away, people have lives. If it goes twenty four hours send another. You don’t want to be too eager you see.

Severus Snape and the Marauders Review

Maybe I am one of the harsher people in the world or maybe I just love Harry Potter a little too much. Around a year ago something which I believe is honestly magical and brilliant was released by a company called Broad Strokes Productions. This story was written by Justin Zagri and directed by him and it was produced by Liana Minassian. I am a strong believer that they need a huge amount of credit when it comes to this product.

If I knew very little about Harry Potter I would give this a five out of five no issue because for one thing, the story is written well, for a kickerstarter film the special affects are great the acting is better than that of hollywood films and it is the story that many fans have been craving for. Like I’ve said I am a huge fan on Harry Potter so I am probably the worst person to talk about this film.

My first issue with this was the fact that our characters were in what appeared to be a muggle bar drinking what appears to be muggle alcohol. Now I get it, I am an inspiring film producer and I know that trying to creat the atomospher of a wizard area would cost more than they could probably afford. Thing like butter beer, which although is described as “That stuff’s not strong” does contain alcohol in it. I would just preferred to see them drink something which looked more than just coke and orange juice and I think one looked like beer, but I cant quite remember.

Now going back to the muggle area, I am saying it is a muggle pub due to the fact that Snape was using Oblivate on the bar man everytime he asked for ID, something which seems a little trival when it comes to the world of Harry Potter. I just don’t think that the Marauders would actively choose a pub ran by muggle. James and Sirus were both pure bloods so they would have very little connection with muggles, I mean look at the Weasley other than I think the twins who went to show off some card tricks to a pretty girl who worked in the post offic they had very little connection with muggles. The Weaslys didnt really mix its muggles but they had no issue with them. I just don’t think they would celebrate finishing school in that environment when you had plenty of wizard pubs up and down the country. They did try to fix this issue by saying it was Lily’s favourite.

The good part of that scene however almost tears as it reflected the movies and books, some of the words used made me think about Harry and even Neville’s choice of words when describing what the DA was meant to do and honestly that was greatly appreciated as a huge fan, so thank you for writing that. The scene was very touching how they were talking about how they have to fight and how someone of them wouldnt make it, that the fact they would have to fight people they know and their friends.

At the end of the scene Snape walks into where James, Sirus, Peter and Remus are and they apparate and appear in an open space.

I would like to say that I fall into the category of where I believe that James and Snape were as bad as each other when it came to one another, I do however have a lot of respect for James, they same can’t be said about Snape. That was another issue with this film.

James and Sirus were thought to be some of the best as magic and everything else surrounding in there year, might have been better than most in the school yet James needs to have Sirus, Petter and Remus to help him dual with Snape. Don’t get me wrong I think in the twenty years from when they left hogwarts to when Snape had that dual with Mcgonagall in the seventh film he learnt how to be better than James or Sirus ever were. I don’t believe at the age of eighteen that he would be able to take on all four of them. In the two years that had past from his worst memory where Snape was hung upside down by James and Sirus, he could do very little against two of them. Now unless he had some serious (Haha Serious like Sirus) death eater training during his summer holidays there is no way that in two years he could go from barely being able to defend himself against two people to be able to match four people.

I would have also liked to see James a little more cocky and arrogant, he’s he had some lovely sides to him but I would have like to see that shown when fighting  Snape. I would have liked to see him toy with him, make it look like he is going to be hit then at the last second block it. The only person who I believe they got perfectly in terms of personality was Peter, he was the last to jump in and help and I have a lot of respect of the actors mannerisms because they were down to a tee. Sirus was a very close second, then Remus, then Snape and lastly James. Lilly wasn’t in it enough for me to make a comment about her she appears really at the end and I felt though she looked perfect her and Snape’s relasionship had broken down by the end of school so felt the hug was a little out of place.

Going off topic a little, although this is done brilliant and I love the story and writing, the way it is shot. The acting i top knocked as well it is the fact that I am a huge fan that I cannot mark this high because it doesn’t fit with the characters that have already been built over the past twenty years and that is the only reason I am giving this a 3.5 out of 5.

If wasn’t a fan it would be five stars but I am the mean judge when the Harry Potter world is in play.

Watch it on YouTube. It is only twenty five miniutes of your life. There is also one made by the same people called the Greater Good, but the acting is not quite up to standard, guy who plays Abe is brilliant though.

Hope you liked reading. Here is the cast, how perfect do they look?


Review of Mr. Student Body President

So here is my first review on this new blog. Let me begin.

Other than the initial thought that he looks like a younger version of someone I have slept with I have to say I really enjoy this show. It might be because I am slightly childish but I will never get old of a show set in a high school surrounding. I often find myself looking for shows which have teenagers in because their is a glimpse of having their high school life spread across the screen and the drama that surrounds it. It might seem shallow and what ever else but frankly when I watch something I want it to be very basic.

Even though this is an American show and I am British one of the main broadcasting channel managed to gain the rights to the show and this began streaming it on there website known as 4 On Demand or 4OD for short. In terms of the format I really like it, the episodes are only short, somewhere between 12 and 14 minutes.

The show follows, Tyler a highly ambitious teenager who has somehow has got the student body to work together in order to preserve the order of the school. He runs the school more like a country rather than just another school, going over the principal and other teachers in order to keep the peace between the students. Some of the episodes include him taking down other opponents, trying to find his own first lady, protesting, censorship and trying to keep order when the seniors do their best to commit pranks.

I binged watched this show, and I like the fact the episodes are short, I really hope that if another season happens they should keep the episodes this length because they manage to get a whole lot in without having a load of pointless crap like other shows.

Tyler is one of those types of character who you either hate or you just want to laugh by his overreactions, frankly he might not be the warmest character in the world but he did have a strange charm which made him awkward, witty and rather amusing.

Although this show largely follows Tyler what I think helps the show are the other characters. There are hugh stereotypes but when talking about a guy who seems to overreact to everything I think you almost need them to keep the balance. The jock are thick, the nerds are uncool and the school contains a few highly ambitious students, you also have the students that take the rules of the school as far as they can.

I believe their are a lot of undertones when watching that, every episodes focus on something which is happening in our political world and I think this is a very well done show.

I would give it four stars out of five.

Snowflakes or Bullies

I tried to explain this insult to my dad around a week ago and with today being the day Trump becomes president I thought it would be a good idea to start. For those who read my first post, if I was american I would have voted for Gary Johnson. I agree with him a lot more than either Trump or Hilary and even though he is the third part he is the head of one of the larger third parties so personally feel that is a good place to be.


We live in a world where there seems to be a huge group of people that seem to get offended by everything. I personally believe that I have never been bullied, if we are using the definition of “Persistent, offensive, abusive, intimidating or insulting behavior, abuse of power or unfair penal sanctions which makes the recipient feel upset, threatened, humiliated or vulnerable, which undermines their self-confidence and which may cause them to suffer stress” Verbal bullying to me is as much as the ‘bullies’ fault as it is the victims. I am going to get hate for that, but what I don’t care. If I don’t like what you say I can do this thing called press the block button and move on with my life. It’s the same in life, if i don’t like what you are saying, I can just walk away and get on with my life. Physical bullying I believe in, verbal and cyberbullying I just think you are an idiot. By the way if you are hurt by what I am saying, there is this thing called a block button which may help you move on with your life.

This idea came around because I was watching the program, everyone always raves about it, it’s called Degrassi, and personally I really liked the first season but after one comment it made me come to realise how stupid and idiotic people are. Basically in this episode, a white girl, frankie drew a black girl, Shay as a monkey and got offended over it.Shay and her friends and previous stolen Frankie and her friends clothes which ended with Frankie exposing herself naked to most of the school. It really pissed me off because Frankie is being made out to be a racist when she was in fact just being a little dim and having a laugh. Shay was the one who made it into a race issue and that what bothered me with people these days. I believe the conversation was something like. “She was only joking. She didn’t mean it in that way” “Yeah but some people do” Like is she just going to blame her for not having a clue, is she just trying to make it look like every white person in the world is at fault because a handful of them actually are racist. It’s like anything, a handful of Muslims are members of the ISIS, a handful of white people are members of the KKK. A handful of Germans are still radical NAZI. Yet we live in a world where you want to blame a whole group of people because of just a few people and it actually makes me want punch things.

I am an emotional person, I often get told that if I am passionate about something it is pretty much impossible to change my mind when surrounding those issues. I went to a private school and so I come from really nice background, a background in which my parents worked so fucking hard for it. I am not going to say sorry for that. If you really want something keep working until you get it. We are never going to be able to move on if we spend the whole time throwing cheap shots at each other and spending time trying to be offended by everything. I know this is similar to my post “Remember” but I think I need to keep saying it until people learn. People are thick, that is a fact and we are getting dumber by the day because as technology advances we have less of a reason to keep using our brains. They say human intelligence is decreasing, said that we have already reached our peak.

I never go out of my way to hurt people, that often it is just humor. The amount of times people don’t seem to understand that is how i operate and it is ridiculous. I am a very chilled person you would have to do something real bad to actually hurt my feelings. I honestly don’t care because I know exactly what I am, I may not know who I am, but I know my faults and I know that if I can live life trying to believe in the best of people then everyone can. You don’t need to try and find how to get hurt.

On boxing day my family came over and we got into a conversation about whether the death penalty is a good or a bad thing. My answer was everyone has the opportunity of being good, and everyone has the opportunity of being bad, it is all about the choose that you made. With help everyone can be good, it may take a few weeks, it make say a few month or you may run out of time but I honestly believe that you should try and fix everyone. I personally believe that prisons should be stripped back. There should be some sort of work program where they can learn about construction, and maths and science and whatever else in order to help them become a better person and hopefully help them leave a life of crime behind them.

My cousin is doing a project on gangs, well he was the last time I saw him. My dad brought up something which I believe is simply groundbreaking. Shall I tell you who owns most of the areas at the Rio Olympics, gang members. they brought it to the project to stop their family and friends entering the life of crime and gangs, they did it in away to help the next generation. Everyone is so focus about their own generation they forget about the next. There is god knows how many football stadiums in London and they are worth millions and millions. I am an arsenal support and I would really love it if something like five percent of the stadium was sold to gangs, so they could help set up the lives of those who are struggling and those who they love. It would help and it is something so simple. You can give money to charity sure, but it is all about getting those who are struggling to invest into a better life. As soon as they have their foot in the door their lives get better.

I believe everyone has good in them and wish we would stop living in a world that gives out so much hate.


The Sigma of Sex

I am twenty one years old and I have had sex with around eighteen guys. I always say that number because I know it is less than twenty but more than fifteen and eighteen is my lucky number, I might be off by one either way but oh well.

I am a guys girl and I have probably slept with three of my really close friends. I dated one for around two weeks but we have always just been better as friend. This guy I slept with three or four times. The first time was due to alcohol because I wouldn’t have crossed the line if I had been sober. I don’t ever want to be one of those girls who just keep people around in order to get them to follow around like a lost puppy. If I slept with a friend, unless I have made it clear before hand that I want a relationship it is normally a drunken mistake. So this was the guy I went on two dates with, one was to the cinema and one we ent out for food. On the second one we thought that us dating was stupid and we should just be friends. I slept with him another two times after that.

I am a hypocrite when it came to him because he was just one of those people who make you feel good about yourself just by being net to him. He was perfectly nice to me and our other friends but he was a dick to pretty much everyone else. The reason I am talking about this guy is because he had a weird fetish. A fetish which I am glad I saw that side of it but frankly I never want to be apart of that lifestyle ever again. He had a blood fetish, I know so weird. I let him cut into my skin causing me huge amount of pain and let him lick the trails of blood off m skin. The lines he made were never very long more like a prick but I am not going to lie it did hurt. Those acts happened when I was eighteen and three years later I am shocked I went through it but I am glad because it made me open my eyes to the world of sex. Now I just take the Mick out of my friends because of his weird sex habits, he has calmed down around those sort of themes but he will do them every so often.

I think you need to be able to talk about sex to at least to your close friends, I don’t think because should be embarrassed by their styles, if it is a little weird they shouldn’t care if there friends take the Mick or laugh about it because most of the time they are just trying to whined you up. I openly admit that I like blowjobs, that being said if someone asks me to give them one I always say no. It is one of those things that I have to decide to do on my own terms. Little strange I know. I live Ithaca a couple when I am at uni and all my housemates know that I have no issue in giving blow jobs. A running joke is that I give the guy in the relationship blowjobs when his girlfriend is not home. He will also jokingly ask me in front of everyone. I always say no, but not without laughing first. I would never go out of my way to break up a couple unless I knew one was cheating on the other, or there was some sort of abuse.

When I was in college I got even the name Slutbunny, so most girls theses days they would probably get upset and angry by that term but frankly it made me laugh. Slut is only a bad word because you see it that way. As soon as you stop seeing people who have casual sex as dirty and disgusting the world slut doesn’t hurt anymore and it just becomes a word which means you like to have casual sex. Words like hoes are negative because those are the ones who use sex to make money. I have no issue if you want to be a stripper or the kind of escort who just goes out and has dinner with guys, I just draw the line about those girls who have sex with older men just to get some money. There is nothing wrong with being comfortable with your body and wanting to show it off but do you really need to get people to pay you money in order to get validation.

Two years ago I slept with a guy who was in a relationship, I didn’t know at the time I found out a few months after I last saw the guy. I had his girlfriend calling me a lot of rather rude and horrible names. If I knew he was in a relationship and had gone out of my way to have sex with him, then it is both our faults. If I had slept with him, found out that he was with someone but was promised that he was going to break up with her, that’s when it gets blurry. The thing is it is always the girls fault, when most of the time it is both of their fault. The guy I slept with I met on a dating app so I am not exactly going to ask a load of questions about his relationship status because I would assume he was single. The fact a girl went out of her way to hate on me for having sex with a guy I thought was single is rather comical. What is even funnier they are still together, to be fair I can forgive a guy who cheats on me once. It does depend on a lot of things though, so I wouldn’t forgive every guy. If I honestly think the guy is sorry and it was complete mistake and the relationship was worth it then I could forgive him. I don’t count brushing lips as cheating. I know that is a little weird way of saying it but the amount of people that come up to me and just gently press there lips to mine on a night out is kinda of funny. If I am in a relationship though I always text the guy as soon as it happens. I can’t exactly stop a drunk person who is a foot taller than me, who is most likely meant to kiss my cheek (It is quite common for my friends to do that weird kissing the cheek thing) accidentally kiss my lips and have a kiss which last less than a second. That is not cheating that is just to drunk people not being able to see body parts correctly.

This was meant to be about sex not cheating. Moving on I have no issue you who you sleep with as long as you are not going out of your way to ruin someones life. I have no respect for anyone who tries to trap someone with a baby, and then use the baby as a weapon. I have no respect for people who go out of their way to cheat of their partners. I have no respect for people who get drunk, have sex and then regret it and cry rape. If you have fallen unconscious and they have sex with you then you are in your right, but if not you were not rape, you regret it there is a huge difference. Sex is good and fun just be open about your life there is nothing worst than having shit sex. Talk to your friends, you partner, or the person you are having sex with and make sure you are going everything you want to maximise the experience.

Written Between the Lines

I once wrote a song that was named with this title, I have it somewhere floating around but I wouldn’t be able to tell you where at this moment in time. The song was about fiction and about how people seem to blur the lines of a character from a story and how people should be in real life and so I thought it would be a great title as I  go into writing about the story that mean a lot to me.

When I was nearly two years old a story came out which would shape my personality into what it is today and even writing about how much it means to me makes me tear up. There are very few things which have touched me like this story has, a story which follows a boy through seven years of his life as he battles both the good and the evil which surrounds him. it is a story which is known as Harry Potter. I can tell you a funny story, a guy near where I live turn down publishing that story, my mum and grandmother often like to break it up when ever we have a conversation about this story. I bet he really is hitting himself. This story isn’t the greatest piece of fiction in the world, Shakespeare will always win with that in my personally opinion.


When I was seven I went to watch the second Harry Potter film, this is my first memory of Harry Potter but I believe I had listened to the first four audio books before hand because I had them before this film came out, I just don’t know remember. First memory was me walking in to the cinema late and seeing Dobby bounce up and down on the bed and that was it.

One day I want to be that person who manages to turn a book into a completely different world. If Harry Potter is ever done again I want every part of the book to be filmed but maybe just have it as the extended version, you could still make a load of money by re-releasing it. I want to be able to change the lives of millions of people through telling a story on screen the way Harry Potter did that to me. It made me fall in love with film and I can never thank JK Rowling and David Heyman enough for turning the words on a page in to this beautiful world which I wish I could live in.


I don’t claim to be the best person in the world, well sometimes I say things that hurt and therefore I can be the worst person in the world. I lack a filter and i am not going to change that about myself, why should I have to spend my life tip toeing around other people because they are going to get there feelings hurt. I am very if you have an issue with me please tell me but I will probably laugh which tends to make people uncomfortable.

So why label this remember? Now that is the real question, well the reason is rather simple I remember when I could say what I think without getting called a raist, a bigot, anti woman and hatever else you can think of and it really bugs me because I am none of those things. I do have a hard time understanding transgender people because I find the whole thing a little strange. I openly admit that I have issues with it because I know someone who change and realised they have been trying to convince themselves there whole life they were something else only to realise that the surgery didnt make them change gender. They ended up killing themselves. They were just someone i knew i wasnt close but still. If you want to be gender fluid fine but I just find it really hard to understand why you would want to change everything about the way you look by going under the knife. I also get told that I act more like a guy, I have an upbringing of that it doesn’t matter what gender you are, you can do whatever the fuck you want. Why does changing your gender need to be anything, just act like you want it doesnt matter if you are a guy or a girl.

Now I went to a boarding schoool, I think we had people from ninety different countries there, and the school was founded by Indian Princes. Never had I heard the word racist while I was there. We had people from China, Africa, Russia, America, Canada, Parts of South America, including Mexico, Cuba, Argentina, my headmaster was Australian. Some of the teachers were Spanish, French, one was even from Dubai. One of the guys in my Science class was from Dubai, born and I say raised but he spent half the year in England. So does that really count? Moving on he would always joke about being “Randomly searched” hence why he always had to leave early. This was a joke among most of the students everyone said it not matter who you were an no one ever got offended by this. It might have just been because I lived in a world full of different people for eight years of my life. Eight years where you change so much and it makes me upset that people are so mean to one another just because of their skin colour and such and I feel like we have gone backwards rather than forwards. I think it is everyone’s fault. I think you need to stop bringing up the past and I think people need to learn to treat everyone the same.

I personally don’t believe in the wage gap because I am from a family where my mother earnt more than my dad at the same job.  She asked for more money, and just remember if they fire you for asking for the same amount you can take them to court as that is against the law.

It doesn’t matter, if you are white, black, Asian or mixed or whatever else don’t hate on peoples ancestors. Don’t hate someone because of there races history, don’t blame everyone else for your misfortunes. If you find out you are being paid less, talk about a raise and say that you have rights. At the same time don’t judge someone because they aren’t white, don’t think they are any less because they are a woman. Don’t hate or men because of there sexs history. They have a lot of issues as well give them a break. Don’t demand respect because you are older than someone else. Don’t get offended by every little thing, grow a little thicker skin and deal with it.

The world has never been great, but we can get there in time.

The Politics of it All

Hello, this is my new blog not idea how many I have now but oh well. I get a little bored easy and so thought I would start a fresh. I was going to write this on my other blog but I wanted to make a better blog and so thought this would be a good subject to talk about it.

I live in a little village in the south west of England in the county somerset. I have lived in the same house my whole life, and I come from a very privilege back ground. I may take it for granted a little too much, but my parents spent their whole lives working so that they can make it a little easier for their children to get a boost in life. I choose a more creative career path to go down, something which they have no knowledge on so they  can’t actually help me. Well they can financially but that is not what I want to talk about.I am going to talk about politics.

I would like to add I am just going to give my view point, as I don’t think it would be appropriate for me to talk about my brother or my parents or even any of my friends. I was always led to believe  that you don’t ask about the way people vote. I have only voted once, it was for the green party. I didn’t vote for the EU thing because I was at a festival and I didn’t vote at the general election because I didn’t feel like it was worth forty pounds to travel home and back as i was at uni. I would have voted to remain and I would have voted for the Liberal Democrats.

I thought I would just talk about the way it works in the UK. We have three main parties, well really two. So we have the Conservatives who right winged, we have the Liberal Democrats who are somewhere in the middle and we have Labour who are left wing.  Now I am going to mention three more parties who have gained more attention that some of the others, one of which actually has more seats than the Liberal Democrats. First we have UKIP who are far right, though to some of the world they are just simply right winged but just to the fact that Conservatives are classed as right wing in this countries, UKIP is a little bit further. Personally I think they go a little too far, anyway moving on to the SNP or Scottish National Party who are much like Labour but they are more focused on getting Independence for Scotland because for those who don’t know technically Scotland, England and Wales are not countries it is the UK which is the country. Lastly we have the Green party who are far left, i voted for them because I didn’t know much about politics at the time and Green was like the fourth highest party at the time so went for them. In terms of what I believe Green is not the party for me.

I found this website called and if you go to the quiz section you can find out what party you side with. I found this website because i wanted to see which party I sided with when it came to america, I know who I would vote in a UK election but not sure about American politics so thought I would fill this out. When you to the quiz section in the right hand corner there is a flag, mine was set to the UK when I first clicked on this site click the flag and you come to a menu and just click on which ever country you want to do the quiz in. The questions are slightly different on each country so even though you can get result just by clicking on the country after completing the quiz once I would make sure you check that all the questions are done, it had an effect on my US results because I had failed to answer the questions.

You can also rate how important each question is to you and of course this is just a summary.


As you can see I am more right winged than left winged. After doing this I then switched to the USA because I don’t know if I should be happy if trump is president. I don’t agree with him when it comes to what comes out his mouth about objecting woman but I was thinking on more of a politic view point and this is what I found out.

I would just like to add there was only Trump, Clinton, Johnson and Stein when I did this quiz so I clicked more candidates because Evan Mcmullin who I have heard of wasn’t there and choose the option to add write ins, this included three which I have never heard of and one of those were top. So here we go.


So apparently I am a Trashumanist, after looking at the Wikipedia it seems to mainly be about science and prolonging life which I could get behind, but I have no idea if they are left winged or right wing, I would guess more right, purely because of the next two things which follow. What I have however  learnt is that I am more of a Republican than a Democrat and in terms of politics I am more on Trumps side. That being said with this information I would have most likely voted for Gary Johnson, because I do feel that even though I am right winged in the UK, I think america are even more right winged when it comes to there main party and so I would vote for the one slightly right. I grew up thinking that Democrats were what I believe in but I am not from that type of upbringing.

I am a spoilt rich kid who  may have to work for what I want but I have had a pretty nice life and the issues of money have never come to mind. That being said I am from a family who have worked fucking hard for that.I think everyone has the opportunity of aiming high and getting what they want. If you are a woman, that doesn’t matter, if you are from a minority that doesn’t matter. If you really want something nothing can stop you. It is all about how dedicated you are. I believe that if you don’t like your life, then you do something about it instead of waiting for the government to sort it out and they are never going to keep everyone happy. They are going to keep the rich happy because if something happens to the country they are the ones that will support them.

I don’t feel that just because you earn more money you should pay more taxes, I don’t think that the government should be responsible for people too lazy to work. I think if you are on benefits you should have to do such things as litter picking to earn them. Keep your family and friends close because if you do struggle they will help you out. I find it so strange when people become homeless because do they not have any friends? do they have no family, do they not know a single person who will let them crash on there sofa. I think the government should be allowed to read emails and texts if they honestly believe that this person could cause harm to others. I think immigration is healthy but they should be monitored and if they haven’t contributed to society or have broken a major law then they should be deported. I think population should be monitored, but I think if the health of the population can be improved then it should be. I think people need to be told they are too fat or too skinny when it affects there health. I think people should learn that the wage gape is not real, that often men work longer hours, they are more likely to ask for more money, they are more likely to die in there chosen profession and they take higher paying jobs. They are also less likely to take time off work for children. My parents had the same job for years, my dad worked at a larger firm where they could be paid more but my mother made herself valuable and therefore she got paid more.  I think if you are earning more than the average wage of that country you should not be allowed to go on strike and if you do your pay should be cut.If you have real concerns then I believe an investigator should look at the company and then deiced on the actions, while this is going on no one can be fired. I may seem naive to you but like I said if you don’t like your life, then do something about it. It is not the governments responsibility, it is not anyone else’s responsibility. Life is short you might as well do what you love.