The SJW’s Part One


Right or Privilege?

So I have started doing videos because my writing is shocking, here is one and I hope you like it and everything. This one is to answer the question whether healthcare is a right or a privilege.

Reason One to Why I Hate Third Wave Feminism.

I could write a very long list about this subject, but I am just going to write something short and sweet about one reason I hate third wave feminism. I am all for equal rights but I don’t want to be a part of a movement which has so much hate surrounding it. You see today I asked the simple question of “What about the woman who are beaten and raped for not wearing a veil and leave those countries only to be surrounded by woman trying to normalize something which is symbols their oppression?” It was referred to that woman should be allowed to wear whatever they want. As hate goes it has been pretty mild and most who have started to hate on me have stopped trying, so I got the last word which is always a good thing. Now this obviously refers to Muslim woman and whether they are made to wear a veil or they want to wear one. In the western world is of course a want, in many other countries it is a requirement, and made times their fathers/husbands will beat them if they refuse to follow that rule.

I have no issue if those people in the western world which to wear a headscarf or veil or whatever as a sign of being closer to god. What I don’t like is the fact they are trying to normalize it, without taking into consideration of all the women who have left their homes because they don’t wish to wear such a thing. Wear whatever you want, fine but those woman who are preaching feminism and then are using the headscarf as a way to get your message across, I really think you need to reevaluate about who you represent. If you want to wear it fine, but I ask you to do one little thing talk about those who don’t get the same choice as you. I would have no issue with the normalization of it, if a western Muslim feminist said something like “To me wearing a headscarf is a connection to god and I am thankful that I am able to make the choice to wear it. Unfortunately there are many millions of women in the Middle East who don’t get that choice and see it as nothing more than a sign of oppression. I hope that those woman can wake up one day and choose not to wear a headscarf without the fear of being beaten by the men in their lives. I hope that someday they have the same freedom I have and are able to do as I can.” If someone said that I would love them forever.  I just want someone who is a feminist and is a Muslim to at least acknowledge that it is a sign of oppression to some woman.

Apparently because I am white I should be saying all this…

I just want to say that I am SO sorry for something in which I have no control over.

I am SO sorry that my ancestors left Africa to start a life in Asia, and then later Europe.

I am SO sorry that the Romans invaded Britain.

I am SO sorry that the Anglo-Saxon decided to settle in Britain.

I am SO sorry that the Norman’s decided to invade Britain thus leading the French in control of England.

I am SO sorry that there were wars over reglion in order to capture the holy land.

I am SO sorry that the Black Death epidemic hit England, killing half of those who lived there.

I am SO sorry that the royal history of my country is filled with so many civil wars, all because of the throne.

I am SO sorry that Henry VIII started the Church of England and developed naval skills.

I am SO sorry that wars surrounding reglion happened.

I am SO sorry that England was competing with Spain for America

I am SO sorry that England was competing with the Dutch and France for East India company.

I am SO sorry that the Spanish Armada happened.

I am SO sorry that James VI united England and Scotland

I am SO sorry that another civil war happened surrounding the crown and parliament thus forming the commonwealth

I am SO sorry that England had an enormous growth in overseas trade due to the royal navel, which then established the British empire

I am SO sorry that England controlled 23% of the population at one point.

I am SO sorry for the independence of the Thirteen Colonies

I am SO sorry for the war of 1812 and the burning of the white house

I am SO sorry that my some of the Europeans took part in the slave trade

I am SO sorry that Germany and the United States challenged Britains economic lead, tensions may have lead to World War I

I am SO sorry that war made Britain no longer leading the industrial or military power, causing to lose control over asia

I am SO sorry that Chamberlin turned a blind eye to Hitler who caused World War II

I am SO sorry Britain gave Hong Kong to China in 1997 (I was 2)

I am SO sorry for everything my country has done even though I wasn’t alive

I am SO sorry that my father was born to a lower working class family

I am SO sorry that my mother was adopted by a middle class family

I am SO sorry that my father’s  dad is an arsehole and left the family and my grandmother remarried.

I am SO sorry that both my parents went to university

I am SO sorry that they took a job at the same company and met.

I am SO sorry they got married.

I am SO sorry they worked so fucking hard to get in a good career path

I am SO sorry for them having me.

I am SO sorry for being white.


I mean that is what I am meant to do, say sorry for things which I have no control over just because of the colour of my skin.



If you have Food, Protection and Shelter. You have nothing to Resist!

Okay today I just feel like a bitch, I spent most of the weekend under my coves due to a migraine which I didn’t help by spending most of my time on my phone and the internet, but shush. There is this girl, who hasn’t blocked me on Twitter who has pretty much gone through Paul Joseph Watson’s followers and blocked them all just because they may say something to her, I am trying not to laugh but it is so funny and so pathetic. That would be like me going through Beyonce’s twitter followers and doing the same (I don’t really like her, I find her overrated, that being said I have seen her live and she does put a good show on but I lose repect for people when they use ghost writers) This girl was tweeting about this so called residence that you need to bring to in terms of trump, because after all he is the devil (Roll eyes dramatically)

First off what the fuck are you resisting. I understand if you are homeless, by all means resist the government have let you down after all and for the I feel so bad for, but if you have a house or flat or whatever, if you have food, if you have protection and if you have friends or family around you, then you are doing a whole lot better than most of the world and the goverment have no let you down, no matter what you think of the people in charge. What are your resisting? Nothing so shut the fuck up. Now if you are homeless by all means resist because people have left you down, but if you have a job and a place to stay shut the fuck up. Donald Trump has been in power for like fifty days, give or take a few days and every time anything happens everyone is like oh well Obama just set that up. Every time something bad happens everyone is like, impeach him, he is a horrible person. He hasn’t down anything yet. Like I said he has been there for fifty days he has to set the ground work to be able to get anything down. I don’t like him as a person but if he does everything he wants to do he will be incredible and you have to be blind and deluded not to see that.

The only people have the right to resist are those who are struggling to get the basic needs. Oh and if you are an American Citizen just remember that Donald Trump is still your present, not matter what you do personally.

How to Survive Your Twenties?


My first point is travel, now some people may say you have years and years to do this but in your twenties you are not expected to be ranking it in so working in a bar in a different country is not such a bad thing, go see the world because after all you only live once and when you are in your twenties you have reached the peak of your althtic ability so you can enjoy the world a lot more. My grandmother has been traveling the world since she retired but there are certain things she struggles with that maybe if she had been young she would be able to see full.
The second thing I would like to say is about work. Now I’ve never really had a job, I actually got my first job during the summer which waitressing, it was just twice a week but it was something. Any ways carringing on, I think a lot of people stress so much about getting a job, now of course don’t be one of those people sitting on there are expecting a really well paid job to come to you but equally don’t stress about not finding something. You may have a degree, you may not but find something you enjoy and that’s what is important because most people in there twenties find a job and that’s the job they have for the next fourth something years. Like my dad at the age of thirty got a job, and he has the same job twenty one years later, he doesn’t really like it but it is a really well paid job for not doing much, so basically make sure that everything lines up.
My third point is relationships, now I live with a girl who wanted a baby and eighteen, two years later I think she would be so happy if she had a kid now, her boyfriend probably wouldn’t as he is very get a job and be careful. Now I am a little old fashioned when it comes to kids, I think you should do the whole getting married, get a house and then have a kid and honestly think more people should be doing this. Yes a lot of people have kids in there early twenties but you are losing a lot of time where you can figure out what you want and how you want to be. Now before I get some bitch complaining about I just want a kid. You can still have that bloody kid just have some time when you are out of education when you have no strings to do something different, don’t get out of school or college or uni or whatever else and then have a kid. Yes you maybe happy and everything, the kid maybe your world but I honestly think you should be using your twenties to be selfish.
Experiment, this is my finally point. Sure you could try a gay relationship, you could try a straight one. You could try a legal high drug (I am not going to condone taking anything illegal but legal highs are just as good) change your hair colour, try and learn an instrument and most importantly fall in and out of relationships like no body knows. Everyone one of those things are important and can make you in to a better more rounded person, so don’t just get out of school and grab the first thing you see look around and see what the world has to offer you, and make sure you have fun because after all your twenties create the person you are, and you would rather be positive than negative.

Gilmore Girls Review

e070f4842e03c308e0b93f40defd18a7 I wasn’t going to write on about this show because frankly I never bought as myself as a big fan, sure I like the show but there are too many things I hate about the show as well. The whole Team Dean, Team Jess and Team Logan thing always annoyed me. I was on Dean’s side to begin with sure, but then I realised how controlling he actually is, he wasn’t healthy that was for sure. The the whole Lindsey thing and well I am not one to forgive a cheater. For those who want to know Dean appears for like five miniutes in the last episode, he is married with three kids and one on the way. I will get to Jess. Logan is one of those guys I went to school with, I am from a privilege background and rather many of my friends are like him, that being said I don’t think I would ever date them but before watching the four part series never had an issue with him. He is just the typical arrogant rich guy, which some people can completely tolerate and therefore to me I kinda like him and was a little annoyed when Rory turned down his proposal.
Now Jess, I like Jess. I don’t know why but he was always my favourite. Sure in season two he was of a jerk trying to chase Rory and take her out from Dean and the whole trying to sleep with her when she wasn’t ready, but I for one know how people can change. I would never judge someone for how they were at seventeen. I would never liked to be judge for how I acted when I was seventeen, sure I was the girl who had amusing stories and now seem rather dull in comparison but I would never like for someone to make the wrong impression of me of how I was when I was seventeen. He grew up, he changed in to a good person whether you like to admit it or not.
Now those are just my opinion of the three guys now let’s go on to the revival. First I feel sorry for Paul, I think that was his name? Yeah he makes like a two second appearance in the first episode and it seems to be a running joke that Rory keeps forgetting to break up with him and well everyone seems to forget him. Personally although it was a rather pointless character it was just a nice little thing that was kept through the episodes.
These four episodes have pretty much everyone in it and the reason I thought I would write this is for one second which happens about half way through the last episode. It wasn’t anything grand and it didn’t add anything to the story, it was just a simple frame of Richard sat at his desk working or writing something. I found it profound and it made me tear up and that’s when I realised that maybe this show meant more to me than I realised.
Everyone seems disappoint with the first episode but honestly I think it was perfect you had everyone even the little characters that only seem to show up for two seconds every few episodes. It had the humour that season seven missed and it seemed a lot more like Gilmore Girls than that series ever was, I actually don’t watch the series normally just the start and the end it left me a little cold.
One of my favourite parts of the whole series was when Finn appearance I always had a soft spot for him and honestly spent significant the time wishing that Rory would ditch Logan and go for him instead. Logan irritates me in this series for one reason, he is engaged but Rory is basically his mistress and that is the reason I don’t like Logan any more. Rory seemed to be second best to both Dean and Logan and that is why after watching this series I can never be on there teams ever again. I am not that type of girl that ever stands for second best, I don’t care who you are but as soon as you start keeping me around like a dirty little secret goodbye. That is what I disliked about this series.
I am not going to say much more because honestly I feel like I could write a detail account of all episodes and I feel like it is one of those things that you need to watch. I will leave you with this. I was disappointed with Emily’s melt down. The Lorelai, Sookie and Michel trio is much alive and I have always adored the chemistry between them. He friendship between Jess and Rory is still everything. Paris is still Paris and I love her for that. Kirk is still the same and exactly what you expect with a character like him. Everyone else you sort of expect to grow but not him.
I do feel like that Rory leant nothing in the 32 years of her life.
I am not going to say the four words and they were pretty expected to be quite honest but I wish they were said at Luke’s I understand why they were not and everything. I just liked the fact the first episodes ended with them talking there and would have liked the last one to do the same. That just me.


Many of you may think that I am anti-feminist, that is not true I am anti third wave feminist. Yes there is a different before anyone says anything, Due to the tantied word for me there’s days I no longer call myself a femmist, I call myself a equalise, because I am a strong supporter of everyone’s rights. I think everyone should have the same opportunities and the same rights.

So if you choose to not go to work today can you make sure that if your job has an impact of anyone’s life or education that you make sure that there is someone to take your place. What would happen is a Doctor, who had to perform a lifesaving opporation today failed to turn up? What happened if a lawyer didn’t turn up and there client ende up going to jail for a crime they didn’t do? They won’t take the day off because they know that them going to do there job has a bigger impact than going to some march.

If I had a child and I found out the school was closing due to this march I would phone up the school and scream down the phone (I mean that’s what liberals do when they don’t get their way) I just don’t think that a school should close because a few woman want to take the day off, it is not right. I think any woman how has a postion of power and take the day off should be fired.

What I find even funnier is that these woman will post pictures on Instagram, twitter, Facebook and all over the internet using there phones and tablets all in support of how the world will crumble without them are using Men’s products to spread the word. Like what?

Let’s talking about something which really matters, in Iran on march 4th 2004 police beated hundreds of men and woman who were planning a rally. They then put hundreds of woman in several days of solitary so that they couldn’t march on the eighth like the did the previous year. They are the people that need woman’s day’ they are the people that you need to go over and march fo to show that Woman are badass.

In countries like Pakistan this day is so show that woman are still be oppressed in this day age and it is to commemorate their own going struggles. They need this day to be able to get people to notice that they are people as well, and it is not just a man’s world. Those are the people I support, those are the people that re fighting for their lives.

Does anyone actually know what the UN has classed this day as this year? because for those who don’t know every year the UN has a theme which is what International Woman’s day is suppose to represent every year. This years it is meant to represent ‘Woman in the Changing World of Work’ How are you meant to change the world of work, if you are not at work? My mother has changed her world of work but turning up every day and making everyone see that she is more than just a woman. She is brave she is powerful and she can make sure that everyone will and can benefits to the impact that she makes.

My mother works for an architect firm and she was the first woman on the board of the directors and she was the fist non-architect. That is her making a difference, by being at work and showing how much her comanpy need her, not by shouting out ove every little thing, be a strong independent woman.


Censorship on Social Media

For those who have been living under a rock for the past few days you would have none that some things are happening which are a little odd. Now this whole post is inspired by Paul Joseph Watson who is probably my favourite person at the moment, although I don’t agree with him completly, that would be impossible. He does however speak a lot of things I agree with and his articles are being sensored on Facebook.

To me censorship is nothing more than a step in the direction of a dictationship. That being said the internet is already censored but it is censored in the right way. For those who don’t know you don’t have access to most of the internet. Parts which you don’t see are things like buying people, drugs, weponds online as well as hiring people to kill people and so on, all the stuff you don’t exactly want to randomly come across so I think that is a perfectlyfine.

Now yesterday I came across a tweet which said something like ‘I had it explained to me’ the tweet which this was referred to was hidden and it said ‘an intellectual ideologist’.  Which was referred to as Trump. Now to me that seems a little weird. Everyone has there own ideology, because it is the set of conscious and unconisous ideas which you have that make up your beliefs, goals, expectation and motivation. They make you who are you and twitter censored that phase. To me that seems as if Twitter wants to parrot everyone, wants everyone to have the same ideas, the same beliefs, the same goals and the same motivation.

Then there is a matter of Donald Trump’s account. Now some of the people I follow have nearly a million followers on Twitter, they often reply to his tweets and they tend to get a lot of respons, but isn’t funny that all the top replies on Donald’s account are all negative? I know a lot of people don’t like him but come on!

There has also be reports of people getting locked out of their accounts for using hashtags such as #PizzGate with also the theory that twitter is not letting the words ObamaGate trend from now on.



And there is also proof if them deleting likes.

Now I wouldn’t mind this so much if it as far and it was not just the right being censored, but at lass we are being punished for supporting the president

Conservative and Pro-Choice…

I know that sentence may be a little weird for most people to understand as pro-life has become apart of being of the right wing, in America. I don’t think it is such a big deal in the UK many people don’t actually have a clue which is which, because in my country it is not such a big deal, people have there views put abortion is not about to lost it’s funding, not that I would actually care because I don believe that poeple should pay for their own abortions in this country.

The reason I am pro-chocie for is a simple reason, to me killing a fetus is the lesser of the two evils, then letting a child grow up away from their birth parents. Before, people start to look me and think I am strange, my mother was put in the care system. She was lucky and got adopted at a very young age. she grew up in a middle class family and ended up going to one of the best schools in the country. She is thankful for her life, she knows that it wouldn’t have been the same if her mother had decided to keep her. She has never met her mother and so she came up with the theory saying that her mother was most likely a teenager who didn’t understand how birth control was meant to work. (Birth control was completly different back in the sixties and many people didn’t know they needed to take it every day) That is just a story she told herself, she has never gone looking because she doesn’t want to break anyone’s heart. I believe she should have done it when my grandfather died but she just didn’t want to basically say to my grandmother, ‘I love you but I need to know who my parents are.’ My mother get’s upset when I mention adoption, and frankly I don’t think I could ever put a child in that system because of my mother. That is my choice, I would rather in theory kill a baby to do that to a child, so that they don’t have to spend everyday wondering where their parents are, and why they are in this situration.

There is also a slightly darker side, which maybe rare but I would never want to risk it, just incase. For those who don’t know if you choose to foster someone then you are given money by the state to look after the child. Some of those who do foster do it out of the kindness of their heart but there are others which are not so giving and kind. I knew this person, I won’t use names because they don’t like to talk about it. Basically she was fostered at the age of thirteen, and age which is difficult anyway. Her foster parents were horrible to her, she was nothing more than away to get money. They use to sell her off to people to have sex with her in order to get more money from her. I know it is rare and that is unlikely to happen but I don’t want to put a child in to the system if that could at all happen. I know it is rare but those sorts of stories is why I hate the care system. I want to adopt a child and I will support them if they wish to find their parents because I think that would be rewarding but I know not everyone else is like me and therefore that is why I would rather get rid of a fetus then put my child in to harm.

I don’t want to have a child until I am economically ready, if I am raped I would like to have the option of getting rid of that child. Yes I could stop having sex but that doesn’t always work. I am currently on two types of birth control so I have already limited the changes of getting pregnant. That is my personally opinon, if you are pro-life I have no issue for that because I know that some people are completly against killing fetus, I personally just couldn’t give brith to a baby that I don’t want and put them in the care system.

I am in a long distance relasionship so I don’t actually have sex that much, so yeah that means I am good at the moment.

The only issue I have with abortion is if you use it as birth control. It should only be used if you have been raped or your birth control has fail, or a medical condition. In theory is should be used as a last result.

If you are pro-life, fine. P ersonally that is not for me.