Command App for Instagram

I briefly talked about this a couple of posts ago but I thought I would talk about it in more detailed, there are many things which are a bit like hacks and cheats to have my three week old account at over five hundred followers and I owe much of that to this app.

The app it’s self doesn’t do much, you still need to actually do things in order to grow your account however it gives you tips and tricks in how you should do that, and measures certain things and grades your account, here is my fully report, a little different than when I first spoke about this app.

Now I am trying, of course trying to get straight A’s, because who doesn’t want that. A crazy person for sure. It makes Instagram into a sort of game which makes it a lot of interesting. As you can see I am going really well in a lot of the subjects, a couple average ones and a really crap one right at the bottom, but I’ll get there.

So let’s talk about the top couple, they are similar in someways.

Now theses are things that you will probably start with F’s because everyone starts somewhere. I’m bloody average on both accounts, but as they are sort of get why. To be fair I could unfollow everyone and the bottom grade would go up, but a lot of the accounts I follow I love, or I tag them in, which I’ll go in a bit further down.

I’ll focus less on the top one, because like it mentions in tips the rest of the sections help you grow that number. I will quickly talk about ratio though, like mentioned it is not that important. However, liked I mentioned on my last post if you are following thousands of accounts and haven’t posted much, or have that many followers I will think you are a spam account and block you, no matter on the content you are posting, because ultimately I don’t want to try to build an audience with dead accounts, they are pointless and worthless. I am fine with a C+ because I follow one account to three followers, which for a small account I think is healthy.

Next we have the engagement rates, which is probably the post important thing on this list, but is not easy to keep high, the bigger you grow the more you engagement will go down.

As you can see you don’t need that many comments to have a good score, I average at around six comments a post, some posts I get none and others I get like twenty. I’ve never done anything mentioned in the tips, however most my comments are shallow, so maybe I should try that. One thing I do is like every single comment and I do my best to reply to them, this get you in that persons feed and maybe if you have posted something new they will come back and like, and maybe comment again, and thus you have yourself a devoted follower.

There is this girl that has liked everyone on of my posts, and continue to do so, so I return the favour, never spoken to her but as our accounts are similar sizes we are helping each other grow.

To me good engagement is above ten percent, which basically means that I, with 500 followers should be getting at least fifty likes on everyone of my photos. Though you can’t see this app also keeps tracks of averages like, average comment per post, average like per post, even how many followers you have gained since 12am. My average like is around 60 per post, which is fine for now but I have to make sure that grows with my account. Obviously a comment is worth more than a like. I get a tenth of comments compared to likes (so should aim for one percent of your followers to comment) however that is worth a percent in terms of engagement.

The best way to get your engagement up is being active on peoples accounts, about the same size as yours and of similar themes. Yes some people are dicks so you may comment on a hundred posts and only get three likes but those accounts might be long term fans which’s always good.

Moving on, I’ve put post frequency and photo orientation together as they are the odd ones out.

First part, I currently have a queue posting three photos a day, however some days I post a few more. I think I post far too much and I am going to slow down to twice a day. The other day I posted nine times in one day, which is far too much and I lost a couple of followers. I use an app called Bettr where, for free you can queue up to nine posts. I currently post every eight hours, 4am, 12pm and 8pm, but I might do 1am and 1pm when I move to twice a day, it means that you don’t irritate your followers by clouding up their feed with photos over and over again.

The photo orientation is a bit of a weird one, it bothers mean I have an F in this but I don’t know if I keep posting portraits that it makes much of a difference. Basically posting a portrait takes up more of the screen when you are scrolling down the feed, making people more likely to engage with your post. I’ve not noticed a difference and I tend to take more landscapes anyways so I might not notice it too much anyways.

Lastly we have the four most important things, and by following the tips from this app I have noticed my account growing.

Hashtags are important but don’t use the #likeforlike or #followforfollowas you will be spammed with spam accounts which will be nothing more than dead weight. There are so many websites that will give you tips on what hashtags to use, my favourite for travel is Hostel Girl, because she gives good hashtags and accounts that are connected to repost accounts (accounts that feature other users, if you get repost, boom you are a superstar) I actually think sixteen hashtags looks so messy, I would normally have between 11 to 16 but lately it has been a little more. Make sure all the tags are relevant.

Location is important, if I tag the tower of Pisa I might have a look who else has been there and what other accounts have done, you can pick up a few likes and sometimes follows by adding a location. However don’t add the address of your house, that is dumb.

Tagging people kinda links onto hashtags, I think it does help but make sure if you are spamming accounts that they are already getting tagged loads. I tend to tag Dame traveller in everything I post, travel wise. While I tag @music, Instagram music account in all concert posts, I also tag the band and location, as sometimes location will repost. Though I take shitting concert photos. I tend to tag brands because people do look down tags of brands and sometimes you get followers out of this, it can seem pointless but by tagging travelling accounts I’ve found a slow and steady increase of followers.

Captions, depending on the account can be irrelevant or useful. I tend to put tags in the caption so mine is inflated, I don’t tend to write more than a couple of lines otherwise, however some people write loads and get massive followers out of it. It depends on you as a person, personally hashtags should be on the comments, but I don’t do that.

Read the tips, read my post and I hope it helps, but one for sure this app is awesome and I am not being paid to say that.

How to spot spam accounts on Instagram

When it comes to Instagram I have a number of rules to keep my account in good standing order, because we are living in a world where bots are taking over the world.

I block and report any account I think is a spam account, having gone on a massive block well spam today I know not all of them are going to be spam accounts but they did look a little fishy.

My first rule when it comes to spam accounts is, if it has under twenty posts and following more than a thousand people and has less than hundred followers it is probably a spam account. So you might get a couple of likes out of it, or even a follow but at the end of the day it’s dead weight and be nothing more than a dead account, thus bringing down you engagement rate. There are of course exceptions but that’s a judgment call on your part. I tend to go through all the likes and all my followers once a day to check for accounts that fit what I’ve described, I have around five hundred followers so it is easy to do this, if I had more it probably be a lot harder but for now this works.

My other rule is checking the photos which accounts post, often spam accounts post the same photo over and over again, it just to keep the account online, as if you follow loads and like loads without posting much then you are flagged my Instagram, I got locked out of an account in the past for doing as so.

Some spam accounts almost look like real, they follow a lot, they have a descent amount of photos, they have a bio and even have a lot of followers but they are dead wait, check the dates of when the photos are posted and check who follow them, if they are spam accounts, most likely that account is either buying fake follows or is a spam account too.

Now I just blocked an account while writing this who doesn’t fit my rules. The account has about five thousand followers, they all like okay accounts, he is following three thousand (not sure why that is far too messy) but it happens. However he had two photos posted both of which had three thousand likes on them, and half a dozen comments, most of which are generic. To me at first glance it looked real but the guy had clearly brought followers and/or likes to make his account look better.

So my advice, look for bad followers/ following ratio, but only if the accounts are following more than a thousand, everyone has to start somewhere. Look for accounts which have loads of likes but barely any comments on their posts, look for accounts which haven’t posted anything but like and follow thousands of accounts, look for accounts which post repetitive photos, look for accounts who tag the same accounts over and over again either in the captions or in their bio.

Blocking people is not a bad thing especially when they are spam accounts. I think I have around three hundred people blocked on my account, who have either followed me or liked me, some of them you can tell by the user name, often a bunch of letters and numbers mixed together, or the profile picture is an Instagram icon, that is a popular option amongst spam accounts, no icon doesn’t mean a spam account, so be carful when on blocking sprees.

I could have over eight hundred followers however I would prefer five hundred real ones and know they will actually engage in my photos rather than just dead accounts which do nothing. To have a successful account you need it to be credible.

What to use when you post on Instagram

A few weeks ago I deleted my 40K+ Instagram account, why? One reason, well one main reason I had become obsessed with having a high number of followers that I didn’t care how real or fake they really were. I still had around a thousand accounts blocked because it was clear they were there to spam me, and that irritated me, however the rest of the fake followers didn’t bother me, until one day. I got rid of the account and started again, as of the 21st April, when I am writing this at 16:34 I have 330 followers and I follow 154 people. I don’t really do the whole for follow for a follow unless I actually like their accounts, however I tend to like a bunch of photos if they ask for a follow in the comment section, and I just either don’t reply the comment, or I say I just liked a bunch of things.

Since I started my new account I have blocked rather a lot of spam accounts. However I am still having a following that is growing every day. Now I will be honest, I have used bots, but it’s just to get started, I am not to be prepared to pay for anything because it is only Instagram. I recommend using Gramto for a month. It Is free for a month so you might as well make the most of it, what it does is follows, likes and comments for you, every half an hour or so, depending on the speed you set it. Personally the commenting function seems to have the best results, I have a rather generic comment which is something like ‘Super cool photo, keep doing an awesome job.’ Or something like that.  I can’t really remember it. Now as well as this I make sure I put something on my story every day, whether a photo or me or some random quote, it might seem pointless but gives you more of a chance to be notice.

Another thing in which I do, is tagging and hashtags, now this is something which can be a little annoying, but it managed to get me having over forty likes on my photo just a couple weeks in to having my accounts, with little or not work. I mean my account is growing with little or not work, to be quite honest. Now my account is mainly travel, but does have a music element to them, I think I will try harder to take nicer photos at music concerts, because I have seemed to done rather a poor job, up until now.

Moving back to hashtags, on my IPad I have a list of tags which are directly related to accounts which repost. Now I haven’t been reposted by any of these accounts, but each of the accounts that repost have hundreds of thousands of followers meaning this hashtags are checked by quite a lot of people, these are if you have a travel blog, this is what the post is going to be about, and maybe I’ll do something about bloggers and music in the future, but for now it is just travel. So here they are.

#WorldCaptures #BeautifulDestinations #PassionPassport #WorldPlaces #TravelStoke #TravelAwesome #DarlingWeekend #LoveTheWorld #ABMTravelBug #AweSupply #ForbesTravelGuide #TopEuropePhoto #MeetTheWorld #DameTraveler


Now I have been given mixed advice when it comes to how many hashtags you should use, and it ranges from using all thirty, to only using between eleven and fifteen. My average hashtags though is actually 15.6 per post. I use this app called Command which rates a whole bunch of things, but I’ll come back to the app in a minute. My travel posts tend to have the full thirty hashtags, while everything else is a lot lower. However on a travel post, nearly all the time I use those tags, this is a recent addition to my feed and as soon as I started adding it to previous posts, I was gaining likes.

Now other tags that I’ll use depend on the city where the photo is placed, sometimes I strip them from a website, in this case a website called ‘The Hostel Girl’ actually where the first set of tags are from as well, so I owe a lot to her. Now the only tags I actually used where for Budapest, and the posts are actually in a queue at the moment and therefore have not been posted. I don’t use them all because some of them are a little too cluttered. Actually I just remembered I added them to my Barcelona posts, and started gaining a number of likes once they were on my post. Here are the ones are used for Barcelona

#IgersCatalunya #IgersBCNb #ClikCat #CatalunyaExperience  #Loves_Barcelona  #DescobreixCatalunya #CatalunyaGrafias  #Ig_Catalonia #IgersSpain  #Gf_Spain  #HuntgramSpain

Now most of the cities ones are really similar, but you change catalunya to say like London, or Paris or whatever else, and change Spain to say England, or France and so on. I personally think thirty is far too many hashtags, and do actually think my average is about right, however sometimes it is closer to thirty and some time it is a hell of a lot less. I would go to Hostel Girl, because I only picked some of the tags out I didn’t use them all.

Another thing which is kind of helpful especially if you are travel blogs, is tagging, all the first set of tags are connected to accounts. Now I don’t really have a list of people I tag, but I do have a number of go to’s, all which I found by simply typing in the city I was in followed by travel or repost or something along those lines, I feel like it is important to find your own travel Instagram’s to tag rather than giving you a list, because every person’s account is different.

This now ties in to the app ‘Command’ which I mentioned above. The app doesn’t really do much in terms of giving attention to your account attention however it does make you think about things that you need to change. This app basically rates your account in a number of things, I current have an A- from this app, which I am pleased to say, I know one of my lower marks is something which will improve over time, and the other one I didn’t even think about and I am now going to add it to what I need to do to make my account better.

Your account is rated on eleven things and you will revived a grade between A+ and F, not everything on the list you need to care about but I feel like it probably best to try and get an A+ in all of them. The categories are as followed and my little summary about my tips.

Followers Count

Well this is clear, it is how many followers you have, now I current have a low number, only three hundred or so and therefore have been given a D+ in this section.  This is the main section and the app will give you a little tip once clicking on the grade, telling you that the rest of the sections will tell you how to gain more followers, and I sort of agree, mainly not solely but with a combination of using Gramto, tagging accounts, using hashtags for accounts which then repost, and liking, commenting and following other accounts, and staying active will help increase this grade in no time.


This is the amount of accounts following you, compared to how many you followed. Mine is currently 2.1 : 1 which basically means for every two accounts that follow me, I follow one. I have a C for this section, but my tip would be trying to keep the amount of accounts you follow user thousand, I have been known to block accounts which have less than twenty post, follow over a thousand people and have barely any followers. I know everyone has to start somewhere but when you are starting out I think it is important that you don’t follow that many accounts as many user will be put off your account if the ratio is too bad.

Engagement Rate

My engagement is at around 19.045% which is very high in the Instagram world, anything higher than ten percent is brilliant. I have an A+ in this section. So what I should be aiming for at the moment is that I am getting thirty people to like or comment on every one of your posts, but if you use my tips above that shouldn’t be that hard to get. Say you have a thousand followers but you are still getting likes under hundred, check through the followers and make sure none of them are spam accounts, yes you lose followers but it makes your account look better in the long run. Spam accounts normally have only a few posts, often the same things, have low follow account, but follow a lot of people, sometimes they are private, which are a little harder to spot, which is where my over a thousand following rule came around. If your engagement is still not increasing try making sure you use some editing apps, and make them look a little more professional, I don’t use that many apps, my go to are YouCam Make Up, YouCam Perfect and then Photogrid. Command recommends MuseCam and SnapSeed but I have never used them, so don’t know. Following professional photographs is sometimes a good idea to get some inspo, and make reposting, and giving credit to their work is another way to get some likes and comments on your post.

Likes Engagement Rate

Like the section above you want this at amount 10%, mine is at around 17% so is high, also giving me a grade F, I will go into more detail below, but check that your likes are from real accounts as well as your followers, if everything is real then this should be at around ten percent, granted the bigger following account the less your engagement will be, it always seems to be this way. When I had 40K I was getting around five percent engagement rate.

Comments to Likes Ratio

Also have an A+ in this, I get about 0.104 comments for every 1 like, so you clearly don’t need that much comment compared to likes. You don’t want like a thousand likes and then no comments, because it probably means that those that liked your posts are robots, so again go through your likes and check how real the accounts are, you want real likers and real followers if you want a good account. I didn’t have it on my last account, which just meant that it was quite a lonely account, all about getting followers and not about anything else. It was vain and a stupid idea.

Post Frequency

I have an A+ in this as well, this app I am using gives a few tips and says if you can produce five high quality photos every day, then post five photos but equally don’t just post five times because you have five okay photos, make sure they are of good quality. I know not every photo on my account is of high quality, I often explain this in the caption and say that I like how it is framed or it is just a great moment that I wanted to share. I use this app called Buffer, which means that I can queue my posts up (Only nine at a time for the free version) which means it is easier to edit posts when I have time and then just queue up posts so that they are frequent. Personally I would say three times a day, eight hours apart is a good amount. That’s what I do, and it means that it can post while I sleep and I can wake and see if my hashtags are working, and if it’s not then I try something else on the next post.


I’ve spoken about this a lot and therefore I think this need to be short. I mentioned my tags per post and I actually have a B using this apps grading system, I am happy with that, I don’t think I need to clutter my posts with hashtags jut for the sake of an app, I get good interaction and that’s the important thing. I might try and get it a little higher, to twenty but any more seems a little pointless.

Location Tags

Tagging locations, especially when you are a travel blog is so so so important. At the time of writing this posts every one of my Instagram post had a location on them (I have a couple lined up which are taken at home which currently don’t have any location on because I know I will clutter up the location area, because I live in such a small area.) I have an a+ on this too, I would keep post at home untagged with location, but everything else I think it fine, and I feel like you should take full advantage of this option.

User Tags

I talked a bit about this a little up the page, I have about 1.962 tags per post, which leads me with a D- I am currently going through and tagging more, because I feel like this is actually a useful thing to do. If you are wearing a pair of shoes from Nike, tag them in, if you are watching Ed Sheeran, tag him in. Yes they are big companies, and most of the time it might not help at all, but some obscure brands might repost you, which means more followers in the future.


Because I use the free version of Buffer it means that I can’t put my hashtags in the first comment, id I watch the post get posted I often switch the tags to the first comments as quick as I can, otherwise I use leave it as so, this means my average caption score is 200.538 characters, this actually leads me with an A-, I will sort this out at some point, but for the comment I am to going to write long and lengthy pieces on my photos, It is something I recommend because people will more likely comment if you grab their emotions, however if you put the tags it brings your score up, if that’s all you care about.

Photo Orientation

I have an F for this and I only thought about it a couple of hours ago, because honestly it makes a lot of sense. You see most people square their Instagram post, that’s how it is set up, even if you take a portrait photo or a landscape photo most people edit it so that it is in a square. This is talking about portrait photos, once longer than they are wide. How on your profile it doesn’t mean much of a difference however in the timeline having more portrait photos can actually help. You see although on your profile it will only show a square. On the time like it shows the whole thing, which means that if it is a long photo it will take up more space, and appear larger, thus you actually might get more likes out of this. It is something that never crossed my mind, but I think it is something that really could make a different.


Now this is very long, and I am sorry for this, but I will try and do these sorts of things a lot more, and make them a lot shorter, I will talk about the apps I use in a little more detail but I hope this helps.

What Are Long Tail Keywords for Instagram?

A couple of days ago, I had an interview for a marketing consulting firm, and if it was paying I would have taken it in a heartbeat, at the moment I am still considering it, because london, unpaid for three months is not exactly the way I want to go, and then there is a matter of the law, and the fact this would be a grey area. Moving on, they were actually telling me what they do, and how important keywords are. For example say you are writing an article about WordPress, you should try and include the wordpress around half a dozen times, at least.  The issue with the word ‘worpress’ though is the fact it is known as a short tailored keyword, which means that the keyword is highly searched and that many people will be doing a similar things, this sort of marketing has actually corrupted certain words when it comes to googling them, and thus is brings up loads of articles about things which are not really relevant.

I am going to talk about long tail keywords, which are normally three of four words in a row over and over throughout an article, as you can tell that is not something I have yet to do in this article, but I am going to try it when talking about talking about ‘long tail keywords for instagram’ it’s not a particularly high searched thing but in the long term it might bring more traffic to this site. So what am I going to do when talking about long tail keywords for instagram, well those words are exactly what I am trying to describe, it’s using phases over and over again, I guess it’s sort of propaganda in order to get people who are searching  those things to find your site easier, because after all 75% of people don’t get past the first page on google, I mean if you want information it is normally going to be on the first page.

I haven’t used it enough yet so it shouldn’t be tricking the google yet, and let’s be honestly google is a bitch. For example if you type in the words Rosalyn Burgess in to google, granted it is not the most common name in the word I am normally the first thing you find. I deleted my old instagram, but to be fair ‘Rosalyn J Burgess’ would have been long tail keywords for instagram because I use to type that over everything, my facebook, my twitter, my tumblr, and all the other things. However in terms of images it is just Rosalyn Burgess, for me anyway I type that in and I appear fourteen types in the first three lines, most of those images I have actually deleted from my accounts, which showcases that a deleted photo is nor truly gone, also from the first three lines another four pictures I have posts either on my instagram, my old one or they have appeared on this blog. Showcases that if you keep typing the long tail keywords they will make you have some sort of impact, and you will be able to get on to that first page, which let’s be honest is what everyone wants to achieve. Now honestly I should have kept with using Rosie, because their is currently an artist of the same name, and I could have hijacked some of the searches, although they would have been small group of people it could have made me gain a little more attention, and that’s what I am experimented with this whole long tail keywords for instagram thing.

Now this is entitled long tail keywords for instagram and I haven’t actually talked about what hashtags I would use on instagram, over and over again, to get a little more of a boost. The thing is when you are in english you are told not to use the same words, or the same word combination but with this type of marketing it is actually the point of it. So what are the long tail keywords for instagram that I would be using. it depends on the subject, they should always be relevant, I just deleted my Instagram, just a few days ago and now have set up a music, blogging, travel one, currently it has a couple of photos of people I have seen live, and then a trip to barcelona I took. I have no idea if this will work, and I know you need to have each long tail keywords five times, but this is what I would use when talking about travel.

Naturally their are popular ones such as ‘photooftheday’ and ‘picoftheday’  or ‘mytravelsineurope’ and other ones like that. They are not as used as things such as Travel, Guide, Holiday, Sun and so one but they still get a lot of traffic and can be very difficult to actually get any real attention from, you will just gt a bunch of people spamming you. I do recommend using location, I live in a little tiny village and was on the most popular photos for around six months, I probably got maybe five liks form my area, but five extra likes is better than nothing. So what would I use if I was doing a travel post. Now I am have just uploaded a few barcelona pics, I actually took the hashtags away because it looks a little messy, I have a few comments on them, so won’t bother adding in the tags in the comment section, moving on.

The tags which I did use where the simple ones like, travel, barcelona, sun, holiday, and so on., but I also used stuff like #travellingthroughspain #travellingthroughbarelona #travelingthrougheurope, I also used #inspirationtravelpictures and other variations of that, as well as #exploretocreate and a few others however I set up my instagram account just a couple of days ago and one of my barcelona photos managed to get over 75 likes. Now as well as using long tail keywords for instagram I did like a hell of a lot of photos but I feel the combination of the two has actually made my instagram account gain some momentum, even in it’s short life. I always feel that liking and commenting is a lot of effort but it does get you a little following growin on the side, and even though you probably end up liking like 1000 pictures, and only twenty people will actually pay attention to you, it becomes easier as time goes by and before long the momentum takes a hold for itself.

The Art of a Good CV

Now I am not an expect, I have spent months and months sending my CV out and the only jobs I have managed to get are ones that I can talk myself into, the ones where a CV is irrelevant. However, recently I did a few things and rather than a straight rejection, or not bothered to get back to me I have a number of phone interviews lined up, and one face to face interview. Cover letters are the bane of my life, so I try and look for jobs that don’t need them, I have a great cover letter which is for admin jobs, but in the field I actually want to go in it, it’s just a blank space.

So what are my tips, I only changed a few things and it seems to have worked rather well. The first might seem pointless but I actually understand why it might help. Often people put the dates of the jobs before the company and your roles, now that’s fine but it makes it harder for people who read the CV to actually scan for the important information. Now the way I have my ordered is the company name goes first, this does depend on your experience though. For example this is how mine looks.

Sky Vision, Parthenon • Assistant • September 2013

Before I had job first, then the date and lastly the company, by having it this way you can see who they worked for, what they did and when. It makes it easier for those looking at CV’s to see if you have experience in the relevant field, dates are pretty irrelevant unless you have massive gaps.

Another thing I changed is rather than saying what I did in my role, I did what I achieved. I mean honestly when someone told me that, I was like what? It still tells you what I did, but rather than saying I tidied up dresses, it says I have a great eye for detail. This is what I wrote for the summary for my job in retail.

In retail your customer service skills greatly improve due to the nature of the job, which includes greeting and assisting customers, while equally giving advice and answering queries. This particular store had many outfits over five hundred pounds, so it’s absolutely crucial to have a good eye for detail. Personal appearance and the ability to run around on my feet all day is highly regarded. Equally, being friendly, engaging and having confidence is an absolute must when dealing with people from all walks of life.

My first draft was very different, I am not going to lie I spent hours looking at other people’s CV’s to get that written down. Writing does not come to ease with me. So I am saying what I learnt at this job, rather than what I did, I think that’s the best way of putting it. I am currently trying to cut my work experience description down, because frankly at the moment it is a little too long, my Cv is just over two pages, and really you should try and aim for less than two.

Another thing I changed was the order of my experience, making the most current things at the top. I also got rid of anything that I couldn’t explained. I removed my work experience for a local oprea company and moved it into a volunteer and interest section. People may not look at that section but it shows that you do have interests outside of work and that you contribute to society in other ways.

Before I changed my CV I started with a personal statement, and then have a list of technically and other skills below it, let’s just say it looked very messy. I still have both the sections but my CV now looks like this.


Below the Personal statement section is a list of skills. As you can see from the personal statement it’s not really a personal statement. I feel like the cover letter often does what a personal statement can do. Mine just quickly talks about my love of media, that i studied and some of the key companies I have worked for and how the experience helped. At the top you can see I have a number of links to this blog, my youtube, my instagram and my linkedin, all which show that I am tech savvy. I have blacked out my email, mobile number and I did have my address on the CV. I however always add that I am willing to relocate to london if needs to be, even though I live closer to Bristol.

After my work experience I have my education listed, and all qualifications that I have, it is only a little section and I haven’t gone it to detail about what I have done. Like the work experience I have listed school, qualification and then years. I never had my school name because well I had been informed that due to the school I had been to their was a certain about of people who would reject me base on the school, I am privately educated you see, and not everyone likes us. I then have the volunteer and interest section that I mentioned above. Before saying references on request, but make sure that you have at least two work references and two personal references before sending the CV out. I use two of my mums best friends as personal references because they have known me my whole life, if you want any suggestions, often young people struggle with the personal ones because our friends are all new and we haven’t known them long.

This might help, this might not, but it helped for me and now I’m passing on what I learnt.


Okay, my life isn’t that bad at the moment. I’ve just found myself living in my own world, like inside my head, which is a little strange and maybe i’m crazy.  I am just find myself thinking about ficial people that I am coming up in my head, but it’s just so hard to get it all down on paper, because I’m not the best writer. It’s like I’m not in the real world ,I’m living in a world that I’ve made up, and I know it’s not real but sometimes I wish it was because right there in my head everything is perfect, and everything is going my way, even if it’s not the easiest path in the world.

So it’s a feeling I’ve had for a while, and I just need to put it on paper and make myself feel better about myself, nobody is normal and I wanted to tell you that.

Where it all Began (Album) Review


One of the jobs I work at, you have the option of listening to music, which is nice and does actually help me get in to the rhythm. This isn’t really going to be a reviews it’s more like they help me work, and honestly it’s a little bit too pop for me, I cringe a lot at some of the love songs, but the beat is infections. I find myself tapping along, and mummering the words to myself.

Now this album is by a group called Dan & Shay, who are marked as country, and although the storytelling is down that road, the music is a lot more pop, but I do love my country pop. So, while looking at the tracklist, the ones which I can sing along to are probably my favourite ones, however that is most of them. I will make a couple of mentions, What You Do to Me, is probably the one I love listening to the most. Yes, it’s probably full of cliches, both love songs and that of country songs, with references to the butterflies, and the whole dad hating the guy his daughter is dating.  It’s just a feel good song that I love to listen to, and honestly that all I need.

Another song I love is probably Can’t Say No, which is focused on a relationship a little bit further down the road, rather than the first song which is about the first few days, and the love at first look feeling. While this is more about a couple, living together and how he would rather be wrapped up in the sheets, than be with the guys, because ultimately she could ask him to do anything, and he couldn’t say no.

There’s quite a few more that i like, but the one thing I would like to say about each song, is that although the storytelling is good, i don’t feel like we get a true ending from a lot of the songs, with the exception of 19 You + Me, which goes full circle, I have a love hate relationship with that song,  like I love the first half of the chorus but the rest of it, i think could be so much better, but it does have a ending, even if it’s a little bitter. I go prefer this albums as a whole, compared to the second one, because I feel like it’s more upbeat, and the songs are a easier to belt out of the top of your voice, although the lyrics and songwriting is better on the second album.

For those who want to listen to the album, you can download it for free with Amazon Prime, I don’t use spotify to have no idea if it is on there.

Ready Player One Review

Now this film wasn’t on my radar until my brother mentioned it to me a couple of weeks ago, in fact I was going to spend my Good Friday in the cinema with my mother watching the much loved Peter Rabbit, but ultimately this film seemed more popular amongst my parents, and brother thus we traveled to see it, unfortunately the friday turned to monday, due my brother being rather hungover, and him unable to stay in the car for more than ten minutes.

So with the take two chance, I wasn’t excited to go see the film, because well I wanted to go on Friday, and should have gone with my mother to watch Peter Rabbit, in hindsight. It’s strange because this film is more like my sort of movie than that of my family, though my brother would disagree due to the video game aspect. I spend much of my freetime reading, writing and watching about dystopian fiction, so this is something that maybe I would have loved more on the journey leading up to it, if I had been following the film, but like i said I didn’t, it was my brother who had been pushing for it.

Now I am a big fan on Steven Spielberg, I’m a girl who studied media and therefore he seemed as some sort of god to us that study such things. I had only watched the trailer once, something which I try and do with film I’m watching in cinema, because often they have so many versions, and give the impression of having watched the film before you have actually seen it.

Moving on, this film is filled with a huge range of pop culture, which is something which is very marmite, but in this type of film, those little pulp culture references are crucial to the heart of the movie, from Peter Parker and Batman, to the Breakfast Club to The Shinning to Duran Duran. The hero of the film, in my personal opinion had the same charm of Peter Parker, who is one of my favourite ulta egos amongst the superheroes of marvel and DC, but not the Andrew Garfield version, he is far too cool to be better Peter Parker.

For those who are unaware of the premist it is set a little bit in the future where people send more time living in virtual reality with their 3D head sets, and full body suits, making you feel everything your avatar is feeling in their little computer generated world. The world, like most of theses stories is on the verge of collapse.

Now, the whole VR taking over the whole world is a common conversation amongst certain groups of people, I’ve found myself having conversations while drunk about such things. However, with films (Well in this case a book, because it is based on a book, while I will be sure to read as soon as possible.) there is always a twist. You see the creator of this VR world died five years before this is set, but he left a message saying the first person to get the three keys, and thus find the easter egg, those who know their video games will be able to work out the last key whereabouts without watching any of the film.  The one who gets the easter egg gets to control this VR world, which is pretty much dominating the current world. Like any film there is of course and organisation they are battling to win this competition and want to make this place and the world their own personal kingdom.

The use of technology, the idea of VR, a great cast and a story which is both engaging and, for those who have logic and pop culture knowledge, you can find yourself figuring out the clues before the beloved characters. Unlike, other dystopian books, and/ or films this is not as far fetch as them, due to the rate that technology is drastically advancing.

Would I say this is my favourite film? No, but in this particular genre it is miles and miles ahead of those beside it. I would still give this a solid 4.5/5 because it is witty, clever and charming in every way, and who doesn’t love a good battle of good vs evil.

Keep Affordable Housing Affordable.

Happy Bank holiday Monday, Party Time.

Affordable Housing is only affordable for first time buyers. At the age of 22 I would love to be able to move out and buy a house, unfortunately working six days a week and saving every penny I can, it is still going to take a few years before I have enough for a deposit and I’m financially stable enough to at least pay for a flat. I’ve been considering on sending a letter to my local MP but I just haven’t had much time to put my thoughts down in words, so I thought I would put some of them down on here.

The average housing price where I live is £350,000, and the affordable housing in the area will probably be selling, first time around for under £100,000, when its eventually built.

The house I live in, my parents brought for £193,000, nearly twenty three years ago, if it was sold now it would go for around 700,000 (The house opposite mine recently sold for around £675,000 but ours is a little more historical and a little bigger. So be more, if I was to have a guess) If my house was to move just one mile down the road the price would almost double, my village doesn’t have any shops, the one next to us has around a dozen, which increases the price of house. My grandmother’s house is a similar price to ours, but has a much smaller garden and although a similar amount of bedrooms (three/four) It only has four other rooms (plus one of the bedrooms has a ensuite) The house she lived in for nearly thirty years now sells for around 1.2 million, the family that lived there had to sell two houses in order to buy it. So what’s the point of me complaining about how I live in a privilege area? Not much to be honest.

So this is me talking about affordable housing, okay so around sixty houses are being built near me, after having a little goggle the number 60,000 has jumped out at me when looking at affordable housing. So theses houses are, at first going to be sold for 60,000, not bad I could probably buy one if I had more than a year to save for one, unfortunately it probably gonna take me around four years to have enough where I would feel comfortable in buying a house and paying a mortgage. Moving on, now the average house price in my area is 350,000, so all a family has to do is live in that house for a little bit, then they can make nearly 300,000 profit, all because at that time they had the money, thus making once affordable houses, no longer affordable.

So what can we do? I personally feel that affordable houses should be first homes, help people get onto the ladder, and not be a way of making a profit. I think affordable houses need to be linked to inflation. Say the house is brought for 60,000 the following year (Using the current inflation rate of 3%) It should only be able to be sold for 61,800, this is thus making the affordable houses stay affordable, and not away to make money grabbing people even richer.

Now the probably with this, is I would have no idea how to monitor such a thing, so on people it seems like such a good idea but in reality people would be trying to find every loop hole they can. I think it needs to be a conversion though.

April, 1st

Today marks the first of april, and this year the first seems to be the most interesting of the month. Today is of course Easter Sunday, the day that, according to some book that Jesus came back to live, having been killed on the previous Friday. Now my dad is born on April first, and I don’t think he is too glad about sharing his birthday with Easter this year, my parents and brother are not really in to religion, i follow these sorts of holidays from a pagan point of view rather than from a protestant point of view, because by being pagan I can still be apart of the christian faith, (Though I never say I’m christian as I believe the mainstream version is corrupted) but at the same time not believe in god, because I follow the spiritual aspects of the religion. I follow the pagan religion because it means i can celebrate all theses holidays without being a hypocrite, no matter what people say Christmas is a christian holiday, easter is a christian holiday, other people who follow other religions can celebrate if they like, but they should not try and change such things, because they makes them god awful people, in my opinion, we don’t try and take your holidays don’t take ours.

Moving on, today also happens to be April Fools days, and I wrote this before any tricks had happened, last couple of years I have been a little disappointed on the tricks the internet have tried to pull, but let’s see how today goes, with easter also insight.

So other things that are to happen in this month, due to being in the UK I am just going to talk about the dates which happen in this country, I might mention a couple from other countries, probably as I may have celebrated them at some point in time.

To start with we have National Beer day on April, 6, now because this falls on a friday and I have work the next day I probably won’t be celebrating this, but frankly it is a great day to have, so as long as you are of legal age and not an alcoholic have fun drinking.

On a slightly different note, this month also has the Hillsborough Disaster Memorial Day, which is mainly happens in Liverpool, but with the victims of the families finally getting justice, I feel like the whole of the United Kingdom, will remember those who were lost in a tragic accident, which could have been easily prevented.

Moving on in this month England also celebrates St George, which also shares the date of Shakespeare’s birth and death day, who too many is one of the best writers to ever have lived. I can’t say I have ever really celebrated either day but I do take a moment to at least acknowledge such people, even if the former has a slightly fictional story.

As well as everything I have mentioned it also happens to be

  • International Guitar Month
  • Stress Awareness Month
  • Sexual Assault Awareness Month

and throughout the month there are so so days to celebrate the following

  1. Jazz
  2. Dance
  3. Veterinarians
  4. International Moment of Laughter
  5. Safety and Health at Work Day
  6. World Penguin
  7. Haiku Poetry
  8. Malaria Awareness Day

and many others, so have a good month and I hope the April showers are not too bad this year.